This center was established in 1996 with support of the Royal Government of the Netherlands which meet the expenses of a full time expert and this is besides supporting equipments for the center. At that time it was called TEACHERS RESEARCH RESOURCE UNIT, which was directed by an expert from the Netherlands Ms, Ella. Then Ms. Jos ven der Linden took over until 2000. From 2000 until updated is headed by Prof. Salah M. Elamin. Recently the name of the center officially has changed to “Ahfad Staff and Faculty Development Centre according to the recommendations of the University Restructuring Committee.

The center overall aim is to contribute towards the capacity building of AUW so to enable it to maintain a high level of excellence in performing its functions and achieving its goals. Together with the other units and bodies of the university initiates and coordinates activities that lead towards this aim.

The goals and aims are translated into clear policies, strategies and activities. Each year a work plan is made and discussed at different levels.  This helps in the development of staff and faculty competencies in different areas

The center permanent staff and faculty are four, three academic staff and administrative assistant.  There a standing committee which consist of a representative for each school/unit/ center (AUW).

This committee function is take part in the process of planning and implementation of activities. At the same time they are training coordinators in their school/Units/ Centers.  The ASFDC permanent staff and committee are responsible and accountable in achieving the center goals and activities. 


The mission of this center is advancing academic and professional excellence by sourcing and making use of available resources and expertise that will make AUW faculty (Academic Staff) effective learning facilitators, knowledge producers and development agents and make AUW supporting staff to become effective movers of knowledge organization.


The center to become a recognized national, regional and international center for excellence in educational, academic and professional skills development, responding to rapid global changes through well-organized training programs enhancing learning facilitation, knowledge production and outreach skills and activities of AUW staff.

Core values:

Our unit values are,

·        Access and Equity: Our center conducts training programs according the needs to all AUW staff and faculty members (beside other Sudanese Higher Education Institution), irrespective to their academic standard.

·        Creativity and innovation: in developing and utilizing modern techniques and technologies in our training programs.

·        Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior

·        Upholding professionalism and ethics in our training programs and workshops.

·        Continuous improvement we are always looking for ways to improve services and update our programs due to the university needs and the global changes.

·        Encouraging and practicing teamwork and cooperation in all activities

·        Community: We build partnerships with people and organizations who share our ideals so that together we can achieve more.


Our strategies realizes to our mission and vision into relation to AUW ones

·        Working towards the capacity building of AUW staff and members competencies and performance to the global changes

·        Fulfilling and meeting the training needs of the university staff and faculty members

·         Encouraging cooperation with all the university departments and builds the spirit of team work

·        Providing creative and innovated training programs by utilizing new technologies  and techniques

·        Encouraging an ethical and respectful working environment that promotes for successful training programs and interested trainees.