We aspire to become a lifetime link and hub for strategic partnership between the university and its Alumni.


Our mission is to promote the welfare of the university alumni by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.


1.Excellence in Alumni relations and links with the university community.

2.Acknowledgement of diversity.

3.Integrity, loyalty and enhancement of healthy environment to support AUW.

4.Mutual respect and freedom of expression.



1.Building strong links with alumni of Ahfad institution to strengthen their role in its development.

2.Supporting the alumni involvement in the university activities and the surrounding community.

3.Involving alumni in raising funds for the university.

4.Enhancing the abilities of AUW alumni for excellent and fruitful performance.

5.Sharing the university commitment to lifelong learning, discovery and engagement.

6.Building partnerships with different national and international organizations.


1.Develop and Update the alumni information database.

2.Use the electronic media to collect alumni information.

3.Update the alumni with the university events and activities.

4.Engage alumni in the university events, programs and projects using their experiences and proficiency.

5.Encourage the alumni to participate in the university development.

6.Poduce the Alumni Newsletter.

7.Organize Reunions & Gathering Events.

8.Organize Fund raising events.

9.Encourage alumni for Donations, and Fixed contributions.