The Nutrition Centre for Training and Research (NCTR) was inaugurated in January, 2002 to fill a huge training and research gap in the fields of nutrition and dietetics in the Sudan. It excelled other Sudanese academic institutions for the pioneering efforts in addressing nutrition and dietetics issues in the community. Its activities were soon extended to national and international concerned bodies, involved in nutrition and critical nutritional care, via technical support in training and research. Recently it is called Nutrition and Health Centre for Training and Research (NHCTR) to include the growing needs in public health. 

Since its inception NHCTR is affiliated to the School of Health Sciences as an arm for training and research of the School major programs that include Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Public Health.


We aspire to set up a national, regional and international center of excellence, fostering and disseminating contemporary knowledge in the fields of nutrition, dietetics and human health, embarking on the Sudanese heritage, to be globally competent, and to be recognized as the focal point for catalyzing the growth of the sciences and practices in relevance. 


We pursue and cultivate world class education in training and research, relevant to the needs of the community in nutrition, dietetics and health through competent packages for Sudanese working staff, in order to produce well trained scholars, who can successfully be employed within the nutrition and health professions, and are even sought after for their knowledge, creativity and critical thinking.

Core values

Our values include integrity, transparency, respect, responsibility and excellence. 

Strategies (2015-2020)

To realize NHCTR vision, the following strategies are set:

1. Strengthening modern concepts, practice systems with emphasis on community oriented projects in technical and academic consultancies in food, nutrition, dietetics and health.

2. Capacity building of Human Resource engaged in areas of food, nutrition, dietetics and health.

3. Research in food, nutrition, dietetics and health

4. Synthetizing trainees and scholars to become innovators, leaders, and positive contributors to society, committed to blending education with deliverable services in the professions of nutrition and health.

5. Heightening reputation for NHCTR, where international recognition is based on continuously competent programmes and deliverables of global standard of research and training activities.



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