NHCTR Core Functions


Capacity building of Human Resource engaged in areas of food, nutrition, dietetics and health

  • Establishing modular packages in nutrition and health specific aspects for training, according to the needs of the community.
  • Developing training packages in training with relevant to Sudanese culture and understanding of competency, for combating nutritionally related diseases, deficiencies and disorders.
  • Develop training manuals for management and prevention of the major nutritional diseases in the Sudan.
  • Carry out annually scheduled training packages for capacity building of the national staff working in health and nutrition fields.
  • Developing Leadership capacities and ethical decision-making skills of trainees and scholars as essential components to promote excellence in areas of relevance.

Synthesizing trainees and scholars to become innovators, leaders, and positive contributors to society, committed to blending education with deliverable services in the professions of nutrition and health.

  • Involving the professional staff in community services through clinics and public interactions.
  • Engage distinguished alumni of School of Health Sciences and NCHTR, in planning for future projects and activities in health and nutrition.
  • Building public awareness campaigns, addressing national concerns, focusing on diseases and disorders, pertaining to nutrition and health.
  • Critically review the national Sudanese policies for nutrition, and avail product to stakeholders.
  • To develop food composition tables for the common Sudanese foods, diets and recipes, and generate funds for laboratory activities
  • Develop and disseminate public educational materials, focusing on issues of applied nutrition, management of malnutrition, chronic diseases and other related fields, such as hygiene.
  • Identify food and water born profiles of ailments in rural Sudan and develop packages for prevention
  • promote the awareness of the community through demonstrating differences in requirements and responses to diet as affecting the  nutritional needs, leading to preventing or mitigating the negative effects of chronic diseases and in improving human development, even prior to conception.

Heightening reputation for NHCTR, where international recognition is based on continuously competent programmes and deliverables of global standard of research and training activities.

  • Expand its facilities to be an important research and training institution, of regional and universal weight
  • Attain sustainable funding for growth in research and development aspects.
  • Establish active collaborative links with eminent peers who are leaders in the fields of nutrition and health at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Function as an active centre for consultation, with community–academia interaction and to take a lead in solving community based problems.


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