Undertaking Research:

  • Focus and prioritize research projects, in collaboration with government institutions to build active research areas in the field of applied nutrition and health.
  • To carry out research and development activities related to food, nutrition, dietetic and health and assist the national policy making on nutrition and health and also support the International organizations, working in these active areas of applications.
  • Work for being the best national research institute in the area of nutrition and dietetics, entrepreneurship, through visionary education and innovative research of global standards, following universal educational systems, in producing trainees and scholars in the area of dietetics and nutrition,
  • Building a scope of academic practice through participation in competent scientific research and publications.
  • Building a critical mass of strategic partnerships with local, regional and international research institutions working in fields of nutrition and health.
  • Conducting research in malnutrition in Sudan, with critical care and management concerns.
  • Developing  a data bank from the accumulating graduate research, with proper catalogue for public access.

Research proposal 

A number of research proposals (concept notes) were developed:

  • Poor-man food: to link agriculture and nutrition by developing staple food crops that have higher micro nutrients content to achieve measurable effects on consumers / prof. Halim nutritional status
  • Dietary fibers
  • Essential nutrition laboratory
  • Bibliography of the master and Ph.D.  researches , started to be finished , at the end of the work this should be published and a conference on nutrition training and research : Gaps and priorities  to be conducted towards the end of the year
  • Food composition table     

School feeding program

The NHCTR Knowledge resources

more than 500 of international publication, journals, reports, books, textbooks, post graduate dissertations and research papers, in nutrition, dietetics, food sciences, and health. The centre received new books in 2014.






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