Dr. Manal Abdeen Mohamed Ali

Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition, School of Health Sciences, AUW, coordinator for School Graduate Studies,. Dean of School of Health Sciences from September 2013 to May 2016, Since June 2016 the Director of Nutrition and Health Center for Training and Research.

Prof. Abdelhalim Rahma Ahmed Gubara

B.Sc. Food Science, Faculty of Agric., Cairo University, Egypt, 1973. M.Sc. Food Quality Assurance, Reading University, UK, 1977. PhD. Protein Chemistry, University of Mysore, India, 1987. Fellowship of the UNU Tokyo, Japan, 1988. Professor in 1990. Ex. Director of Food Research Center, 2002-2008. Ahfad University for Women, 2009 -Onwards. Ex. Consultant to FAO, WHO, AOAD, WFP. Ex. Consultant to Premier Food Products. Ex. Chairman of some Governmental Committees (Industrial Committee, Ministry of Industry; Food Shelf life Committee, SSMO) Ex. Chief Editor of Sudan J. of Food Sci. and Technol.

Uz. Azza Mohammed Ahmed Elehameer

Administrative Assistant &English Teacher, Graduate from BSc. School of Management Studies (1998), Major: Business Administeration, worked at NHCTR, school of health sciences from 2004 - up-to-date as Admin. Assistant and Assistant coordinator for Post- Graduate  diploma in Diabetes Education, Master degree in Peace &development form Juba University (2007), Post- graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (2012), Master degree in English Language Teaching (2015).Master degree in MBA

Prof. Mohamed Zaien

Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, Nutrition Centre for Training and Research, School of Health Sciences, AUW. University of Khartoum B Sc Hon. (1978), M Sc (1980).University of Reading Ph D (1984). Courses in Fermentation Technology (ODA, U.K.), Industrial Biotechnology (GBF, Braunchweig, Germany), Advanced Microbiological Identification Systems on Industrial Applications of miniVidas and ATB in microbial identification of food and human pathogens (BioMerieux SA, Marcy L’ Etoile, France). Teaching of different courses in food science and nutrition such as food and dairy microbiology, fermentation biotechnology and functional foods in Universities.  Applied research in using gum Arabic as a prebiotic for strains of probiotic in fermentation. Experience in teaching, training, research, food processing in the fields of food science, nutrition, food and dairy microbiology, fermentation biotechnology, quality control and laboratory technology in research institutes, academics, and regulatory and quality control laboratories. Coordinated curriculum development in food and nutrition in universities of Gezira, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Published over 25 pear reviewed papers. Consultant for different projects with UNICEF, WFP, FAO and to local food industry. 

Dr. Saif Eldein Basheir Ahmed Ali

Ph.D ( Food Science, and Nutrition ) in 1998 from University of Khartoum, M.Sc (Biochemistry) in 1988 University of Khartoum , B.Sc (Agric) Honors in food Science and Biochemistry in1980 University of Khartoum. Now Associate Professor , Ahfad University for women, School of health Science , Nutrition and health center for research and training from 2017 to present . Previously lecturer and researcher at food Science and Nutrition department, King Saud University Riyadh , Saudi Arabia from 1989 to 2016. Acting as supervisor for post graduate students in the fields of food Science , Biochemistry and Nutrition and author of publications in these fields . Present address : Ahfad University for Women , Omdurman Sudan.

Mobile: 00249914141163

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sawsan Ahmed Mohammed Balla

MSc. in Human Nutrition – Ahfad University for Women (2006-2008). BSc. in Family Sciences, Ahfad University for Women (2004). Facilitator and Coordinator Training course of Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), Nutrition Centre Training &Research (NCTR) - AUW.  Rural area (Alwady Alakdar) as a part of the rural extension and development. Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in 19th of February 2009 to 5th of March 2009 Nutrition and Health Centre Training & Research (NHCTR).

Sidiga Abdelrahim Washi

Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences/Community Nutrition and former Dean of the School of Family/Health Sciences at Ahfad University for Women-Sudan. She earned her MSc. and PhD. degrees from Iowa State University. She is currently directing the Quality Assurance and Institutional Assessment (QAIA) Office at Ahfad University for Women, Sudan. She is involved in scholarly teaching, curriculum development and research. She served in many leadership positions and was currently elected as the President of the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE). Prof. Washi has published over 30 articles in refereed Journals, a book on Therapeutic Nutrition, 2 chapters and 5 articles in books and 20 Professional papers in Conference proceedings. She has carried out 10 major research projects of which Nutrition of School children is her focus. Prof. Washi is an international trained visionary leader in population, reproductive health and nutrition and was trained as a woman Leader in the New World at the Keneddy School of Government at Harvard University in the US. Prof Washi was a Member at Large of the Executive office of the Middle East and North Africa Nutrition Association (MENANA) Cairo, Egypt 2006-2008. 

Somaya El Bashir El Tayeb

Senior lecturer and researcher at School of Health Sciences, Public Health Option and lecturer at the Postgraduate diploma of Diabetes Education, Ahfad University for Women. BSc. in Family Sciences from Ahfad University College for Women in 1976. Hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Development, Gent, Belgium 1984, Post Graduate Diploma in Food and Nutrition, Ahfad University for Woman, School of Family Sciences 1991 and MSc. of Public Health from the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1995. Study program of International Women University (IFU), project area Information University of Hamburg, Germany 2000. Previous work, nutrition officer in Ministry of Health –Nutrition Division 1977 and nutrition inspector in Children’s Emergency Hospital 1981. An ex-executive director of Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women studies. Currently, a member of consultant committee of BBSAWS. Published a number of nutrition books: Step and Advices for complete and Healthy Nutrition, 2009, Nutritional Value in Traditional Food, 2010, Food before and After Medication, 2012, Some fruitful indigenous Sudanese trees,2014, and Autistic, history, symptoms and nutrition, 2014 (In Arabic).

Sumaia Mohamed Elsayed Abdurrahman

Associate Professor, Environment and Public health, Ph.D Science (Zoology), University of Khartoum 1992. Teaching and Researches. Training and Facilitations at All Levels, For All Groups. Training at the Grassroots Level: Training Community Target Groups; At the University Level: Teaching Different class levels. Public Awareness and Outreach In Villages and Schools, Mass Media, Production of Education Materials, Training. Gender Advisor (especially in the area of environment, natural resources, climate change, (WASH). Executive member Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS) for different duration, Executive Member /Women Empowerment Network for Peace and Development.


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