Historical Background

School of Pharmacy was established in 2001 under with the aim of the training to produce pharmacy professionals, who will take part in teaching the community in proper use of drugs and render pharmaceutical services.  Since 2001, the school commences training of pharmacists at Bachelor Degree level and in April 2015 the School will graduate it first batch of pharmacists at Masters Level.


To adopt and provide a high level of contemporary pharmacy educational methodologies and technical techniques for to-be female pharmacists to guarantee qualified and competitive graduates.


The School of Pharmacy strives to be a leading higher education institute in its field of specialty within the whole region; and is also poised to partake competitively in the international arena of pharmacy education and pharmaceutical research.

Core Values

We are committed to excellence in all that we do. We seek and value collaboration and interdependency throughout all aspects of what we do. We uphold the values of integrity, trust, honesty, and accountability in our actions as individuals and as an institution.

Objectives of the school

Since the profession of pharmacy is rapidly changing and the role of the pharmacist is extending much further than his dispensary and becoming more patient – centered rather than only drug cantered, pharmacy education must adapt to meet these changes. Consequently

1.      The aim of the five-year Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) courses offered at the School of Pharmacy, AUW, is to produce graduates with a wide knowledge and understanding of the sciences, technologies and practices which substantiate pharmacy as a profession.

2.      This knowledge, together with the clinical skills gained by the graduates in the eight clinical pharmacy courses taught at this school, will enable them to acquire the competencies suitable for their registration as pharmacists capable of building a career in any branch of the many branches of pharmacy.


3.       Any pre-registration practical training carried out by the student as part of her learning process is considered as an essential educational link between the undergraduate course and the graduate’s work as a registered pharmacist.