Postgraduate Degrees offered

 MSc in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

 Program structure   

Two years taught master program that covers all aspects relevant to the development of biotechnology based drugs. The program starts with drug target identification, selecting and designing production organism, up- and down-stream processing as well as formulation and drug delivery issues. 

Course catalogue

The course consists of four semesters

Year 1

Semester 1


Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Cell biology/ Human cytogenetics/ Cell culture.



Proteomics/ Enzyme kinetics.

General aspects of drug target identification and validation.

Semester 2


Control of bioreactor cultivations.

Regulatory aspects.

Economical and marketing aspects, patents and licensing.

Downstream processing.

Bioinformatics for structure analysis.

Protein modelling and simulation.

Pharmacology of biotech agents.

Year 2


Semester 3


Drug Delivery.

Formulation of therapeutic proteins.

Immunology and immunotherapy.

Gene therapy and cancer genetics.

Drug discovery and development.

Basic concepts and application of biopharmaceuticals in regenerative medicine.

Therapeutic applications of biotech agents.

Research methodology.

Semester 4


Writing master thesis.