The curriculum

The academic courses occupy five years of full-time study. This school will follow the semester system (two semesters per year) and, as the laws of the Ahfad University require, each semester will be treated separately in terms of the courses results. The second semester of the last year will be devoted to a research project to be carried out by each student. Each science course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. The duration of the lecture is 50 minutes and each lecture is given the load of one credit hour. A laboratory practical, whether two or three hours, is considered one credit hour.

Each course is given:

•    A course title.

•    Course designation.

•    A load in terms of credit hours.

As is clear from the course descriptions presented below, all the traditional disciplines of a pharmacy curriculum are offered. However, the policy of this school is to place special emphasis on Clinical Pharmacy, a field, it is hoped, this school will pioneer.