AUW students’ academic standards of achievements are concerned with the level of attainment, volume and appropriateness of content & learning experience, rigor & effectiveness of assessment of AUW programs and ensuring their alignment with national and professional benchmarks. Quality assurance of these academic standards are achieved by making sure that appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning opportunities is provided for students in a consistent manner. Advancing academic excellence and quality enhancement is a strategic provision in which AUW sets out to design, plan, and execute institutional improvements in the quality of teaching and learning opportunities, students’ experiences, and institutional administrative systems.

As such, and through careful consideration of previous audit processes beginning in the mid-1990s, the Vice President of Academic Affairs has sanctioned the establishment of the Quality Assurance and Institutional Assessment (QAIA) Office with specific terms of reference and under its direct auspices, as a central body for compiling institutional data on academic quality and institutional assessment.


Playing an overarching role in the development, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of quality frameworks, systems, policies and procedures to achieve excellence in student learning and community service as well as supports institutional management, operations, decision-making, and planning, accreditation functions.


Becoming an essential contributor in AUW strategies for sustaining and advancing academic and research excellence, as well as administrative systems in a manner that serves continued enhancement of the teaching, research and community service programs of AUW through institutional assessment, instructor support, and course evaluations distinctly responsive to national, regional and global quality assurance and accreditation imperatives.

Core values

· Undertake the office responsibility with commitment, responsiveness, accuracy, integrity, transparency, and reliability.



· Managing quality learning opportunities (Collaborate with Schools, Units, Institutes, Centers, Graduate Office, Student’s Affairs Office, Registrar, Administration & Financial Affairs Office);

· Auditing quality assurance frameworks (Develop and distribute various institutional assessment tools, Develop a timeline for periodic monitoring and evaluation of processes and procedures, Develop a depository of statistics and data-base information);

· Expressing confidence in the soundness of the management of academic standards (Coordinate with all University bodies to implement various institutional assessment tools in a timely fashion);

· Setting and maintaining academic standards and quality assurance (Produce and disseminate the University’s Facts and Figures handbook according to timelines and academic calendar). 


·        Proactively embed planning and target setting for improvement across the range of academic programs (quality assurance faculty and staff member within each school);

·        Take deliberate steps at the institutional level to improve the quality of learning opportunities’ available to students (address advising policy and procedures & students’ handbook orientation);

·        Enable continuous improvement and innovation in the curriculum and its delivery (on-going and scheduled courses and programs review, and faculty and staff CPD activities);

·        Add value to the student experience by deepening the interaction and inter relationship between AUW’s academic provision and the world of work (on-the-job training, internships, and networking);

·        Respond positively to the evolving needs of a diverse student body; (through students’ course and instructor evaluation twice annually);

·        Periodically review regulatory frameworks to ensure that it is forward looking.



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