Dismissal and Readmission 

A student may be dismissed from a school for any of the following reasons:

• If the student’s cumulative average is less than 50 at the end of the second regular semester of First Year

• If the student fails to clear academic probation within two regular semesters, excluding the summer session, after being put on probation.

• If the student is placed on academic probation for a total of four regular semesters.

• If the student is deemed unworthy by the Academic Council to continue for academic plagiarism, cheating cases, professional or ethical reasons.

A student is normally considered for readmission only if, after spending a year at another recognized institution of higher education, the student is able to present a satisfactory record and recommendation. Exceptions may be made for students who left the University for personal or health reasons.

A student who is dismissed from AUW at any stage for academic reasons may be considered for readmission in another School of the University.

Freezing of Studies

Freezing of the studies is not allowed in the first year. A student should apply to the Dean of the School through her academic advisor concerning the withdrawal of her registration and freezing her studies in a period of not more than eight weeks from the start of the semester. A student can freeze four academic semesters as a maximum limit. In case of accepting the application, the student is considered as withdrawn from her registered courses in the specific semester. For resumption of her studies, the student should inform in writing the Dean of the School before restoring her registration.