A student is strongly advised to prepare her registration schedules with her adviser to ensure that graduation requirements are fulfilled in the appropriate time frame. Failure to do so may result in the student having to spend one or more additional semesters to complete graduation requirements.

The University offers academic courses culminating in obtaining the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) or Bachelor of Science (Honors) or Bachelor Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery or Bachelor of Pharmacy Degrees, according to the major in which the student is registered.

Names on Diplomas and Degrees

Students’ official names on diplomas and degrees are spelled exactly as they appear on the Sudan School Certificate. For a student from outside the Sudan, the name is spelled as written in her passport.

According to the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education, names of all students should include first name, father’s name, third name and fourth name.

Names on AUW diplomas and degrees appear both in Arabic and English.

 If a name on a passport or an identity card does not appear in both languages, then the name that does not appear in one language will be spelled on AUW diplomas and degrees according to the personal preference of the student.


The Clearance form is available at the Registrar’s Office for the following categories of students:

• Graduating students.

• Students leaving the University willingly.

• Students dropped out of the University.

Once a student meets her graduation requirements, she should complete the Clearance form available in the Registrar’s Office which includes several offices, departments, and schools.

The student should have no pending items and is cleared from all the assigned offices, departments, or schools, included in the checklist. Once the Clearance Officer completes and finalizes the clearance, the student will be eligible to receive her diploma and get back the refundable general deposit.

Students leaving the University willingly and those who are dropped out of the University have to fill in a special form to initiate their clearance.

Graduation Ceremony

Commencement exercises are held at the end of the academic year.

Students who graduate in April should participate in the commencement exercises. All expected graduates have to fill the graduation form, pay the graduation fees and receive the graduation gowns.

A student who graduates after the ceremony date can apply to be included in the next April ceremony.