Transfer from other Universities

A student transferring to AUW from other institutions must attend the last four semesters with a minimum load of 60 cr. and complete the University and School requirements while in residence at AUW.

An AUW student in good academic standing, who did not transfer to AUW from another university, and who wishes to study abroad, may spend up to one year at another university as a regular student. If the student spends more than one year away from AUW she is treated as a transfer student.

Transfer credit is considered after evaluation of a student’s course work.

A student must spend her final two semesters at AUW.

Transfer of Major within the Schools

A student who wishes to transfer from one major to another in the same school may do so only after completion of at least one full semester of work in her current major and score the minimum semester requirements.

A student must obtain the transfer form from the Registrar’s Office.

If the transfer request is approved by the Dean of the School, the transfer becomes effective at the beginning of the following semester. The decision is communicated to the student by the Registrar’s office through her academic advisor.

Transfer from one School to another within the University

A student in good academic standing wishing to transfer from one school to another within the

University must complete an application form available at the Registrar’s Office. The student

must satisfy the admission requirements for the intended school. Approval of the concerned

Schools is required. The final decision is communicated to the student by the Registrar’s Office,

through her academic adviser.

Transfer applications should be submitted within the deadlines specified in the University


A student, who does not meet the school minimum cr. after being placed on probation, may be advised to transfer to another school. Such student must follow the normal transfer procedure.