Academic Calendar 2018 - 2019



22th of April

Application submission   I                       

1st of May

English Equivalence Examination   I     

2nd  of May

PhD. English Equivalence Examination I

22nd of May

Application submission   II

10th  of June

English Equivalence Examination  II

20th of June

Application submission   III

23rd of June

English Equivalence Examination  III

11th  of July

PhD. English Equivalence Examination II

13th  of July

Application submission   IV                    

14th of July

English Equivalence Examination  IV   

21 of July – 4th of August

Registration for first semester

21th  of July

1st semester begins

1st  to 10th of September

Midterm exams for 1st semester

After Mid-terms exam (7-8 weeks)

 1st SGSC Meeting

3rd of November

Teaching ends

10th to 24th of November

Final exams for 1st semester

14th of November

Application submission V           

17th of November

English Equivalence Examination V

27th of November

PhD. English Equivalence Examination

After Final exams (13-15 weeks)

2nd SGSC Meeting

8 th – 23rd   of December

Registration for first semester

8th of December

2nd semester begins and the programs  (MMFD and MHPDD) start


19th  to 26th  of February (7-8 weeks)

Midterm exams for 2nd  semester

4th  of March

Submission of master theses

16th  of March

Teaching ends

23rd  of March to 4th  of April (13-15 weeks)

Final exams for 2nd  semester

23rd  of March to 4th  of April

Master theses defense

Before Graduation

3rd  SGSC Meeting

29th  of April 2019

Graduation ceremony

* Master in Microfinance and Development (MMFD)

* M.Sc. in Humanitarian and Post Disaster Development (MHPDD)