To apply for graduate studies at AUW, a candidate should fill the application form available at the University Admission Office, the School of Graduate Studies or can be downloaded from the university website at the address A candidate may apply to more than one program but enroll in one only. Applicants to any graduate program must demonstrate proficiency in English Language.  This can be done by submitting official specified test scores for one of the following:

•    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): – Internet based (iBT) with minimum score of 60 – Paper based (pBT) with minimum score of 550

•    International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with minimum score of 5.5.

•    Or sit for an English Equivalent Examination (EEE) offered by AUW and attain a minimum score of 60%. Examination dates are available on the cover page of the application form.

 Admission Requirments

to Postgraduate Diploma’s Programs An applicant is eligible for admission if she holds a general Bachelor Degree from a recognized institution with a Pass grade. Admission Requirements to Master’s Programs Admission as a regular student: An applicant is eligible for admission if she holds five years Honors Degree from AUW or an equivalent degree from another recognized institution with a minimum grade of Good. Admission on probation: An applicant who holds four years general bachelor degree from a recognized institution will be on either of the following probation conditions:

•    Has Very Good as a grade, in addition required passing a qualifying year with a minimum grade of Good. Or,

•    Has Good as a grade, in addition required passing a Postgraduate Diploma related to the field of study with a minimum grade of Good. Admission of transfer students:

Transferred students should meet the application and admission requirements for AUW master’s programs. 

The transferred credits should not exceed 25% of the total credits of the degree requirement at AUW. 

The process for transfer is as follows:

•    Applicant should fulfil the application requirements and follows the application procedure as stated above.

•    Applicant should provide the following official documents:

Transcript attested by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

– A letter of resignation from her previous institution.

•    All submitted documents will be sent to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, for review and consultation with the program coordinator. 

The coordinator will provide a written verification that the academic transcript meets the degree requirement and suggests a proposed academic plan that should be endorsed by the Registrar Office.

•    A letter of admission will be issued to the student so she can proceed for registration.

Admission Requirements to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programs An applicant must hold a master degree in the field of specialization from AUW or its equivalent. 

If the applicant holds a master degree in different specialization to the PhD program applying for, she is required to pass qualifying courses with a minimum grade of Good.

The officers of the School offering the program will state the qualifying courses.

The applicant should submit a concept paper to reflect her area of research interest. 

Concurrently, the applicant must demonstrate proficiency in English Language as stated above.

Residence Requirement

A resident student is either a full – time student who is required to enroll on full time basis or part-time student who is accepted on special conditions upon written request approved by SGS. The overall period of the study should not exceed six registered semesters for a master student and five academic years for a PhD student. Yet, an external student can be admitted only to the Master program by research and PhD programs based on:

•    Providing a letter of acceptance from a hosting institution abroad (if the research topic requires attachment to a given institution) where the research is to be conducted.

•    Availability of an external co-supervisor at the hosting institution recommended by the principal supervisor from AUW and approved by the SGS.

•    Residing at AUW for a minimum of three months/year under supervision of the principal supervisor and SGS assistant dean for student affairs.