Master of Science in Human Nutrition


To develop the research competency of the graduates in the discipline of Human Nutrition so as to contribute in the exploration of the nutritional problems and intervene where appropriate.


To have competent graduates that can address, analyze and intervene where nutritional problems provoke at national, regional and international levels.


Throughout the year.

Admission Requirements

  • This follows the Admission requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies and approved by the University Academic
  • Specific requirement is the applicant should hold an honours Bachelor Degree from AUW or an equivalent degree from another recognized institution in health or The following topics should have been covered at the bachelor level: Physiology, biochemistry, basic nutrition, applied nutrition programs, clinical nutrition, nutrition during lifecycle, malnutrition, diet therapy, food service management, nutrition education, nutritional assessments tools, and principles of dietetics.

Graduation requirements

Course                              Credit Hour

Courses                                   3

Thesis                                    30

Curriculum Outline

Course          Course Title                                    Credit Hour

NUDT 710      Research methods and Statistics               3

NUTR799      Thesis                                                    30


Course Descriptions

NUTR 799               Thesis                                                         30 cr.

Under the supervision of a faculty staff, the student will identify a research problem, develop and present a research proposal to the SGC following specific guidelines and regulations. The research topic should be within the human nutrition context.