Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes Education


To recognize diabetes education as a distinct healthcare specialty for promotion of diabetes self-management education and training as an integral part of diabetes care for an active, diligent, effective treatment of the disease.


To graduate health cadre who are professionals, capable of effective delivery of Diabetes education to the people with diabetes and their families, according to local needs and International standards.


July of each year.

Admission Requirements

  • This follows the admission requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies and approved by the University Academic
  • Specific requirement is the applicant should hold a least a general Bachelor Degree in

Degree Requirements

Modules                                                                                              10

Internship                                                                                           20


The Curriculum Outline

 Semester One and Two                                                    

Module code Module Title



DDED 701      Community and Behavior Change


DDED702        Metabolism, Types and Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus


DDED703        Human Nutrition Therapy


DDED704        Monitoring and Evaluation


DDED705        Internship



Modules Description

DDED 701              Community  and Behavior Change                                                              2 cr.

The module equips the students with the special needs for interdisciplinary care team skills in the management of diabetes. The modules will emphasis the education and communication skills required by the educator to raise the community awareness and facilitate change their behaviors and successfully manage their disease.

DDED 702              Metabolism, Types  and  Diagnosis  of Diabetes Mellitus                       3 cr.

The module provides the students with an understanding of normal pathophysiology and the defects that lead to abnormal glucose metabolism. It delivers the knowledge required about the different metabolic disorders of glucose metabolism, pathogenesis, clinical characteristics, and diagnostic criteria

DDED 703              Human Nutrition Therapy                                                                                4 cr.

Provide the knowledge and skills required by the educator to improve the quality of life in persons with diabetes through effective self-management skills, types of glucose-lowering medications and their methods of administration beside the medical nutritional therapy knowledge.

DDED 704              Monitoring and Evaluation                                                                              1 cr.

The module provides the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by the educators on how to monitor and evaluate diabetic patients at the health settings pre and post education..

DDED 705              Internship                                                                                                           20cr.

This module is a fully 6 months on-the-job training which consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and a diabetes health centre or clinic. During this period, the students are expected to use the knowledge and skills they learned from the modules and put them into practice. This way the students gain work experience as diabetes educators.