Master in Business Administration


To provide an advanced educational program that exposes the participants to modern management approaches and practices. The program emphasizes the use of analytical tools and application of related skills that are essential for enhancing decision-making and performance in the contemporary business environment.


To produce qualified and effective female managers and educators who are properly adjusted to current developments in the field of business administration and to excellence in performance according to global standards.


July of each year.

Admission Requirments

  • This follows the Admission requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies and approved by the University Academic
  • Specific requirement is the applicant should hold an honour Bachelor Degree from AUW or an equivalent degree from another recognized institution in Management Studies and non –

Management Studies. Non-management-base applicants will be admitted to semester one to study four semesters. Applicants of Management – base will be admitted to semester two to study three semesters.

Degree requirements

For applicants who are non-management-based

Requirement                                                     Total cr.

Courses                                                                57

Internship                                                              3

For applicants who are management-based

Requirement                                                     Total cr.

Courses                                                                 42

Internship                                                              3


Curriculum Outline

Semester One

Course code      Course Title



BUSS 701      Business Economics


BUSS 702      Business English I


BUSS 703      Business Statistics


BUSS 704      Corporate Governance and Business Ethics


BUSS 705      Financial Accounting


BUSS 706      Principles of Management



Semester Two

Course code      Course Title



BUSS 707      Business English II


BUSS 708      Human Resource Management


BUSS 709      Management and Cost Accounting


BUSS 710      Managerial Economics


BUSS 711      Marketing Management


BUSS 712      Operations Management



Semester Three

Course code       Course Title                Credits

BUSS 720       Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management               3

BUSS 721       Financial Management                                                      3

BUSS 722       Management Information Systems                                     3

BUSS 723       Project Management                                                       3

BUSS 724       Strategic Management                                                     3


Semester Four

Marketing Specialization                                                                                                                   

Course code      Course Title                                                         Credits

BUSS 725       Customer Relationship Management                                    3

BUSS 726       International Marketing Management                                   3

BUSS 727       Marketing Information Systems                                           3

BUSS 728       Services Marketing                                                            3

BUSS 729       E-Marketing Internship                                                       3


Semester Four

Project Management Specialization                                                                                           

Course code      Course Title                                                           Credits

BUSS 730      Contract and Procurement Management                                 3

BUSS 731     Integrated Cost and Scheduling Control                                   3

BUSS 732       Project Information Systems                                                3

BUSS 733       Project Risk Management                                                    3

BUSS 734      Supply Chain Management Internship                                     3


Semester Four

Human Resource Specialization

Course code      Course Title



BUSS 735      Human Resource Information Systems


BUSS 736      Industrial Relation and Collective Bargaining


BUSS 737      Leadership and Organizational Behavior


BUSS 738      Management of Diversity


BUSS 739      Human Resource Development Internship



Course Descriptions


BUSS 701             Business Economics                                                                                          3 cr.

The course covers economic theories that represent a basis for understanding the economic environment which influences business and managerial decisions. It is divided into two parts; Microeconomics which deals with small units in the economy, and Macroeconomics which deals with issues related to the overall economy.

BUSS 702               Business English I                                                                                              2 cr.

The course enables the students to deal with reading materials of a scientific nature. It emphasizes the skills of describing processes in the context of Business Administration and management. The focus is on helping students to better utilize varied forms of communications for the purpose of disseminating information and describing business processes.

BUSS 703               Business Statistics                                                                                             2 cr.

This course provides the students with the knowledge and skills of basic statistics and its uses in business. It assists students to apply statistical models in forecasting and decision-making in business.

BUSS 704               Corporate  Governance  and Business Ethics                                                    2 cr.

This course covers the theories of ethics and corporate governance and its importance in organizational management. The legal and ethical parameters and the international standards for auditing the social and ethical performance of organizations will be analyzed and examined. Issues such as corruption, human rights, sustainable development, recent events and experiences pertinent to corporate governance will be debated.

BUSS 705               Financial Accounting                                                                                         3 cr.

This course introduces the basic principles, concepts and uses of accounting. It provides the students with the knowledge and practical applications and uses of financial reports, and shows their importance for reaching effective decisions by all business stakeholders.

BUSS 706               Principles of Management                                                                              3 cr.

This course is designed to give an overview of the major functions of management. Emphasis is placed on planning, organizing, controlling, directing, and communicating. Upon completion, the students should be able to work as contributing members of a team utilizing these functions of management.

BUSS 707               Business English II                                                                                             1 cr.

This course is designed to develop the students’ language skills and communication skills within a business context. It develops a wide range of Business English skills covering areas as diverse as formal Report-Writing, presentation skills, sales and negotiation skills. It covers a wide range of functional areas including General Business and specializations such as English for Marketing, Trade and Investment and Finance.

BUSS 708               Human Resource Management                                                                        3 cr.

This course introduces the concept of HRM, its origin and the underlying factors, which gave rise to HRM. It also demonstrates HRM policies and practices in different contexts and discusses the new forms of work organization and employee involvement schemes as an alternative to the traditional personnel management. It explores how HRM deals with the rapid changing technological, socio-economic, political and legal environments.

BUSS 709               Management  and Cost Accounting                                                                 3 cr.

The course aims to provide students with the knowledge of the concepts of management accounting as a system for recording, processing, reporting and analyzing of information for costing and managerial decision-making. The integration of work-based learning through practical applications allows students to identify and solve business problems or address real issues faced in organizations.

BUSS 710               Managerial Economics                                                                                      2 cr.

This course provides basic knowledge in Managerial Economics and its theories and concepts. It explains how scientific decision making tools and techniques are used to help in reaching optimal solutions to managerial decisions related to the realm of economics and economic- based problems within organizations and businesses.

BUSS 711               Marketing Management                                                                                   3 cr.

This course introduces the concept of both the consumer and business marketplaces. The strategies necessary to market goods and services in a domestic and global environment will be discussed through an analysis of external and internal factors that impact the organization, and through the development of an understanding of the strategy components collectively referred to as the marketing mix.

BUSS 712               Operations Management                                                                                  3 cr.

This course is a functional review of how to manage the activities involved in the process of converting or transforming resources into products or services. Topics include an overview of strategic decisions, forecasting, basic inventory models, aggregate planning and master scheduling, materials requirements planning, and scheduling of operations.

BUSS 720               Entrepreneurship  and  Small Business Management                                       3 cr.

This course introduces entrepreneurship evolution, definitions and approaches stressing on innovation and creativity as basic notions of entrepreneurship. It examines generic entrepreneurial and small business concepts, theories and features of small businesses management at the indigenous, local and global contexts. It examines the contribution of Sudanese SMEs and entrepreneurship to economic development, and identifies the challenges facing the survival and success of SMEs.

BUSS 721               Financial Management                                                                                     3 cr.

This course explores the fundamental nature of the corporate finance function and the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of tools for successful financial management. It provides the basic tools and concepts necessary for the handling of financial decisions. An array of cases is used in order to foster students’ ability to apply the tools and analytical skills to real-world situations.

BUSS 722               Management Information Systems                                                                  3 cr.

This course teaches how to analyse and define information systems requirements in various business situations and learn how to evaluate emerging disruptive technologies, how to align information technology with business strategy and how to address information systems needs from a business perspective. The course provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively implement and use information systems to help reach the strategic objectives of their organizations.

BUSS 723               Project Management                                                                                        3 cr.

This course provides the foundations of Project Management and how structured into Planning, Organization and Control. It considers the structured approach and concepts of Project Management, and provides practical components pertinent to the identification, planning and implementation of projects. Issues of resource allocation and control for timely fulfillment of project outcomes, project risks and challenges will be tackled.

BUSS 724               Strategic Management                                                                                      3 cr.

The course intends to convey to the student an understanding of how and why strategic decisions are made and how and why they are important to the executive in terms of securing resources to the unit, improving the job performance and changing the career.

BUSS 725               Customer Relationship Management                                                               3 cr.

This course focuses on process, strategy and technology by providing the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through the implementation of CRM systems and analysis of data to build and maintain profitable customer relationships by delivering value and satisfaction to customers.

BUSS 726               International Marketing Management                                                             3 cr.

This course focuses on the realities of international marketing as it affects the activities of different companies in a country. International forces impact all companies and individuals making marketing decisions. The decision to operate on a global scale requires a different set of marketing coordination activities.

BUSS 727               Marketing Information Systems                                                                       3 cr.

This course focuses on how new information technologies are changing the nature of marketing management. It addresses foundations of electronic customer relationship management, one- to-one marketing and personalized communication. From an applied perspective, the course explores how state-of-the art Web technologies, point of sale data gathering and electronic market research can improve decision-making and provide a competitive advantage in global markets.

BUSS 728               Services Marketing                                                                                           3 cr.

This course builds upon and expands the marketing management philosophy, concepts and models and adopts them to the service sector. It deals with how to manage service development and quality, increase and maintain customer satisfaction levels, generate customer loyalty and create a healthy service culture within the firm. It will discuss the 7Ps of the ‘’Service Marketing Mix’’, in addition to internal and external marketing relationship management.

BUSS 729               E-Marketing internship                                                                                     3 cr.

This course helps the students to acquire the skills of the execution and reporting of online marketing campaigns across email and social media platforms.

BUSS 730               Contract and Procurement Management                                                        3 cr.

This course explores the contract management process in three broad phases: pre contract, contract and post-contract. Each step of the phases will be addressed from both the Buyer and Seller perspectives, in both the general and commercial environments. Key learning points include procurement planning, bid and proposal preparation, source selection, and contract administration.

BUSS 731               Integrated  Cost  and Scheduling Control                                                         3 cr.

This course, compliant with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s®) current Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition), focuses on the importance of developing an accurate, enforceable project schedule. It also gives project managers the tools they need to develop reliable cost estimates and to perform integrated cost and schedule control.

BUSS 732               Project Information Systems                                                                           3 cr.

This course introduces a basic knowledge of software project management principles including software requirements specifications, software life-cycle models, software project scheduling, monitor and track deadlines and project risk management. The course provides the skills of project scheduling and assigning resources, choosing an appropriate project development methodology and identifying project implementation control and follow-up.

BUSS 733               Project Risk Management                                                                                3 cr.

This course addresses the project risk management processes of identification, analysis, response development and control. The course provides the theory and practice on all of the

PMI Risk Management Processes with emphasis on developing the Risk Register. Risk Planning will be practiced as an integral part of the overall project planning sequence. Risk Identification involves hands-on practice, both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. Response plans for influential risks will be developed and analyzed.

BUSS 734               Supply  Chain Management Internship                                                            3 cr.

This course covers the role and operations of supply chain in business organizations. The course provides the students with the skills to design and develop effective supply chain systems to achieve competitive advantage and to boost efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain by utilizing appropriate technology.

BUSS 735               Human  Resource Information Systems                                                            3 cr.

This course provides a basic overview of various automated information systems that are available to support today’s Human Resource Professional to utilize information systems and other automated processes pertinent to Human Resource Management. The course explores other methods to increase recruiting, simplify interviews and permit easier employee or prospect access to an organization’s human resource offices. The course also focuses on systems security and individual privacy as well as legal implications to users and organizations.

BUSS 736               Industrial  Relations  and Collective Bargaining                                               3 cr.

The course provides a basic understanding of the collective bargaining process within the framework of negotiations between an employer and union to determine the conditions of employment. The course will also explore the legislation affecting the collective bargaining process.

BUSS 737               Leadership  and Organizational Behavior                                                         3 cr.

This course introduces human behavior combined in theory and practice to show how individuals, teams, and organizations function within the context of human relations in enterprises. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of leaders in organizations. It casts light on leadership concepts, development and attempts to explain how managers can become effective leaders.

BUSS 738               Management of Diversity                                                                                 3 cr.

The course introduces the concept of diversity and its management locally and globally in work places and markets. It acquaints students with the dimensions of diversity, the multicultural organization, the significance of diversity as a business case, the role of diversity in creating opportunities for improved performance and greater creativity in enterprises and in expanded markets. It examines the strategies of inclusion and the attitudes towards diversity in the workplace

BUSS 739               Human  Resource Development internship                                                      3 cr.

This course provides knowledge and skills needed for productive and satisfying work in which in turn is critical to organizational success. The focus of this subject is on job-learning within the context of the individual-organization relationship.