Master in Microfinance and Development


The mission of the MMFD program is to provide students with advanced, timely and appropriate knowledge in microfinance through a well-structured curriculum that fosters effective learning. The program emphasizes the use of teaching methodologies, analytical tools and techniques that are essential for enhancing the capacity of graduates in both the theoretical and the practical dimensions, necessary for the microfinance industry in the country


The vision of the MMFD program is to produce qualified and knowledgeable female professionals in the field of microfinance capable of satisfying the needs of the microfinance industry, microfinance institutions (MFIs), and development agencies, at the national level, with excellence in performance according to international standards.


July of each year.

Admission Requirements

  • This follows the Admission requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies and approved by the University Academic
  • Specific requirement is the applicant should hold an honour Bachelor Degree from AUW or an equivalent degree from another recognized institution in Management

Degree requirements

Requirement                                    Total cr.

Courses                                                 46



Curriculum Outline


Semester One

Course code      Course Title



MIFD 701      Approches to Microfinance


MIFD 702      Basic Statistics for Empirical Research


BUSS 701      Business Economics


MIFD 703      Financial Institutions and Intermediaries


MIFD 704      Microfinance and Development


BUSS 702      Business English I



Semester Two

Course code      Course Title



MIFD 705      Accounting for Microfinance


MIFD 706      Manageriel Aspects for Microfinance


MIFD 707      Micro-small Enterprises and Microfinance


MIFD 708      Regulations and Supervision of Microfinance Institutions


MIFD 709      Urban and Rural Microfinance


BUSS 707      Business English II



Semester Three     

Course code       Course Title                                                          Credits

MIFD 720       International Experiences in Microfinance                                3

MIFD 721       Management Information Systems for Microfinance                  3

MIFD 722       Management of Microfinance Institutions                                3

MIFD 723       Marketing Management for Microfinance                                 3

MIFD 724       Special Topics in Microfinance                                               3


Course Descriptions

MIFD 701               Approaches to Microfinance                                                                           3 cr.

This course introduces microfinance approaches, principles and practices and examines key contemporary issues and debates. The course covers the various models of microfinance and the development aspects of microfinance activity including diverse approaches used in the for- profit and not-for-profit sectors beside other topics.

MIFD 702               Basic  Statistics  for Empirical Research                                                           2 cr.

The course provides the students with the knowledge and skills of basic statistics and its uses in business. It assists students to apply statistical models in forecasting and decision-making. The course is meant to orient the students with the fundamentals of empirical research and the application of statistical measures in scientific research.

BUSS 701               Business Economics                                                                                          3 cr.

The course covers economic theories that represent a basis for understanding the economic environment which influences business and managerial decisions. It is divided into two parts; Microeconomics which deals with small units in the economy, and Macroeconomics which deals with issues related to the overall economy.

MIFD 703               Financial  Institutions and Intermediaries                                                       3 cr.

The course presents both theoretical and practical aspects of decision making in microfinance institutions. The primary focus is on commercial bank management with other components the business economics and the finance instruments and participants of the intermediaries.

MIFD 704               Microfinance and Development                                                                      3 cr.

This course provides the principles of microfinance and its role in sustainable approaches to international development covering the main business models of microfinance, leading microfinance institutions (MFIs) around the globe, typical products and services, and how microfinance has evolved over 25 years. It examines both NGO and for-profit organizational structures, and how they balance development and financial sustainability.

BUSS 702               Business English I                                                                                              2 cr.

The course enables the students to deal with reading materials of a scientific nature. It emphasizes the skills of describing processes in the context of Business Administration and management. The focus is on helping students to better utilize varied forms of communications for the purpose of disseminating information and describing business processes.

MIFD 705               Accounting for Microfinance                                                                          3 cr.

The course covers financial accounting and managerial accounting, which is defined and contrasted with financial Accounting. The course also covers the process of managerial accounting and its use by managers in an organization, the major cost accounting systems and how they work in modern technological environment, planning and control systems through budgeting, standard costing and responsibility accounting principles.

MIFD 706               Managerial  Aspects for Microfinance                                                             2 cr.

The course aims at providing students with an introduction to different meaning and understanding of management so they can develop a critical understanding of the social and political implications of management practice on the success of microfinance related enterprise.

MIFD 707               Micro-small  Enterprises and Microfinance                                                      3 cr.

This course introduces the fundamentals, the concept and the different practice approaches of entrepreneurship. It focuses on the concepts of creativity and innovation and their relationship to entrepreneurs. The course examines generic entrepreneurial and micro-small (MSEs) business concepts and theories and the role of Sudanese MSEs and entrepreneurship in socio- economic development besides the challenges and constraints facing its management and maintenance.

MIFD 708               Regulations  and  Supervision  of Microfinance Institutions                            3 cr.

The course examines contemporary legal and policy issues facing micro-finance supervision and regulation. It sets out an interdisciplinary exposition of the law. It provides an interface of financial services law and practice. Relevant aspects of business management and economic theory are examined as well. In addition it covers the supervision models of Microfinance institutions, and how the central regulatory and supervision frame is impacting on the MFIs.

MIFD 709               Urban and Rural Microfinance                                                                         3 cr.

This course is intended to enable students understand the theory of rural economic organization, and relates it to urban situations. It deals with rural versus urban financial market, rural and urban microfinance product innovation, concepts of value chain finance and appraisal of rural and urban microfinance programs.

BUSS 707               Business English II                                                                                             1 cr.

This course is designed to develop the students’ language skills and communication skills within a business context. It develops a wide range of Business English skills covering areas as diverse as formal Report-Writing, presentation skills, sales and negotiation skills. It covers a wide range of functional areas including General Business and specializations such as English for Marketing, Trade and Investment and Finance.

MIFD 720               International  Experiences in Microfinanc                                                       3 cr.

This course presents both theoretical and practical aspects of microfinance experience around the globe. The primary focus will be on best experience in Bangladesh, India, Switzerland, Nederland, Nigeria, Egypt, Jordan, and Sudan. A comparative approach will be adopted to familiarize these experiences to the Sudanese context, and to facilitate learning from best practices.

MIFD 721               Management  Information Systems for Microfinance                                      3 cr.

This course introduces Management Information Systems (MIS) for the micro finance and the role of information systems in supporting a wide range of organizational functions. It examines the use of information systems in supporting administrative operations, decision-making, overall strategic initiatives, corporate philosophiesand the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by individuals and organizations within the microfinance industry to be more inclusive.

MIFD 722               Management  of Microfinance Institutions                                                     3 cr.

This course provides an in-depth understanding of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and their role in providing financial services to hundreds of the poor people. The course examines the commercial, operational and developmental aspects of microfinance, including in-depth reviews of some of the largest, most successful MFIs in the world and also learn about innovative management styles that other types of financial institutions, including traditional commercial banks.

MIFD 723               Marketing  Management for Microfinance                                                      3 cr.

This course explores the basic principles of the marketing function its concepts for successful marketing management that includes developing marketing strategies and plans. It focuses on the marketing management functions such as marketing research and the marketing mix, to be applied by the microfinance institutions and the micro- small scale enterprises (MSEs) to facilitate sustainable enterprise growth and sustain the microfinance industry.

MIFD 724               Special  Topics in Microfinance                                                                       3 cr.

This course integrates more contemporary issues around microfinance (MF) as theory and practice. It is intended to enhance the students’ capacity in independent learning, writing –up and presentations of certain topics relevant to the MF practice.