Master of Science in Sustainable Rural Development


To graduate qualified females, with diverse racial cultural and ethnic backgrounds, in the fields of rural extension, education and development for successful and rewarding professional careers.


To achieve excellence and prominence as a leading regional institution of learning, research in development work to meet the needs of existing and emerging career paths who will be change agents and development professionals locally, regionally and internationally.


July of each year.

Admission Requirments

  • This follows the Admission requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies and approved by the University Academic
  • Specific requirement is the applicant should hold an honour Bachelor Degree from AUW or an equivalent degree from another recognized institution in social or natural

Degree requirements

Requirement                                                                                      Total cr.

Courses                                                                                               21

Thesis                                                                                                  9


Curriculum Outline

Semester One                                                                                                                                   

Course  code    Course Title                                                                Credits

SRDE 799      Thesis                                                                                 9

SRDE 701    Social and Human Development                                                2

SRDE 702    Poverty and Development                                                        2

SRDE 703   Environmental Resources Management and Conservation                3

SRDE 704   Concepts, Theories and Measurements of Development                 3


Semester Two

Course code      Course Title



SRDE 705      Research Methods and Applied Statistics


SRDE 706      Strategies for Rural Development


SRDE 707      Project Management


SRDE 708      Rural Extension and Communication



Semester Three                                                                                                                                     

Course  code    Course Title                                                                Credits

SRDE 799      Thesis                                                                               9


Course Descriptions

SRDE 701               Social  and Human Development                                                                     2 cr.

This course explores all aspects of human and social development, including socioeconomic phenomena, implications and strategies. The course will discuss and criticize the welfare policy and basic human needs systems, rights and policies between Sub-Saharan Africa and other countries analyzing the root causes and remedies to be adopted.

SRDE 702               Poverty and Development                                                                               2 cr.

The course explains the dimensions and causes of poverty and critically analyzes the policies and approaches of poverty reduction, economic poverty and financial services in the third world with especial reference to Sub-Saharan Africa regions and how could be effective and efficient for sustainable rural development. The course aims to train the students in techniques of how to measure and create plans of action concerning poverty reduction.

SRDE 703               Environmental  Resources  Management and Conservation                             3 cr.

The course focuses on concept, methods and strategies for environment and natural resources management and conservation.

SRDE 704               Concepts, Theories  and  Measurements of Development                               3 cr.

The course introduces the theories of development, policies and practices with emphasis on critical analysis to development theories and their Implications behind third World underdevelopment, seeking new dimensions and alternative development that is sustainable and attainable to rural Sudan. The course will deal with different measurements of development indicators and indexes. In addition, the course is basically gender oriented in which the approaches and framework of gender and development will be elaborated.

SRDE 705               Research  Methods  and Applied Statistics                                                      4 cr.

The course introduces the principles of conducting social research and puts more emphasis upon participatory learning and action (PRA/PLA). It will help the students to develop their capacity in understanding the process of social research and how to write a thesis. In addition, the course will strengthen the statistical skills and knowledge needed for doing a research.

SRDE 706               Strategies  for Rural Development                                                                   2 cr.

The course discusses the undergoing changes in rural development work and the role of the state and the non-governmental organizations in strengthening the strategies and plans of actions and programs that geared to sustainable rural development. The course will critically review the projects and programs for rural development in the third World with particular emphasis on Sudan.

SRDE 707               Project Management                                                                                        3 cr.

This course covers project management in developed and developing countries with particular emphasis to Sudan. The course discusses project identification, planning establishment phase, analysis, monitoring and evaluation. The course is gender sensitive gives consideration to develop concepts in general planning, financing project cycle, and framework, preparing proposals and documents, project characteristics, financing and financial development, and other main areas of project management, nature of project and managers role.

SRDE 708               Rural  Extension and Communication                                                               2 cr. This course explores the tools and mechanisms and strategies for rural change that suit different structure of rural communities. Techniques and models of rural extension and communication will be reviewed and critically analyzed and explore how could be effectively prepared and utilized to meet the required rural social change.

SRDE 799               Thesis                                                                                                               9 cr.

This is a final research report based on field work in the issues of rural development either social or economic.