Postgraduate Diploma in English Proficiency and Communication


To provide quality English language instruction to all graduates who aspire to improve their standard of English language proficiency and communication skills for academic or professional pursuits.


To graduate English language learners who can communicate effectively in English for academic or professional purposes.


July of each year.

Admission Requirements

  • This follows the Admission requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies and approved by the University Academic
  • Graduates from any discipline could

Degree requirements


Total cr.

Courses                 26


Curriculum Outline

Semester One

Course code


Course Title



ENPC 701

Writing Skills


ENPC 702

Oral Communication Skills


ENPC 703

Vocabulary in Use


ENPC 704

Intensive Reading


ENPC 705

Communicative Grammar


ENPC 706




Semester Two

Course code


Course Title



ENPC 707

Extensive Reading


ENPC 708

Oral Presentation Skills


ENPC 709

Advance Writing


ENPC 710

Introduction to Translation



Course Descriptions


ENPC 701               Writing Skills                                                                                                    3 cr.

This course helps students to develop their writing skill and encourage them to relate their writing tasks to an audience and purpose. Emphasis is on the production of written work preceded by a brainstorming session. Tutors focus on the writing process rather than the end product. Each writing task is preceded by a discussion of the format, style, coherence, organization of different parts based on a written model.

ENPC 702               Oral Communication Skills                                                                                3cr.

This course helps the students to improve their oral communication skills of English. Classes provide maximum opportunity for participants to use the language for interaction. To refresh the speaking and listening skills students have to talk, listen and practice the language with more confidence.

ENPC 703               Vocabulary in Use                                                                                            2 cr.

This course helps students to acquire new vocabulary and use them in different contexts. It will also help them to use guessing and prediction skills to find meaning of words besides using the dictionary. The course will also familiarize students with word formation and semantic relations between words.

ENPC 704               Intensive Reading                                                                                             3 cr.

This course develops students reading skills, vocabulary and linguistics abilities, to help them achieve an adequate understanding of authentic written texts in different areas, the ability to define their reading purposes and to read flexibly. It also introduces students to variety of language use and registers, beside more exposure to the language culture. Scanning and skimming

ENPC 705               Communicative Grammar                                                                                 2 cr.

This course widens students’ knowledge about surface structure, to revise knowledge of grammar and expose to methods of syntactic analysis relating it to meaning the major characteristics of English; selection and application of appropriate terminology to describe and analyses the structure and systems of English. Students are expected to participate in classroom activities involving grammatical analyses of different structures.

ENPC 706               Pronunciation                                                                                                  2 cr.

This course is intended to improve the student’s pronunciation through modeling and intensive practice. The course will also cover a classification and description of English sound, the nature and structure of the English syllable, word stress, sentence stress and intonation.

ENPC 707               Extensive Reading                                                                                             3 cr.

The course aims at improving students’ reading skills, vocabulary building and comprehension in their future professional and academic life. The course comprises reading of short stories followed by activities for vocabulary building and comprehension and authentic outside class time readers followed by various tasks: presentation/ book review/ summary writing.

ENPC 708               Oral Presentation Skills                                                                                    3 cr.

The course provides an advanced level in spoken English so that the students will feel comfortable talking fluently about and teaching a variety of topics. Participation in classroom interaction (individually and in groups), debates, role play and making presentations are part of the course evaluation.

ENPC 709               Advance Writing                                                                                               3 cr.

This course builds on the previous writing course with more emphasis on the discourse aspects of writing and more detailed analysis of written texts. Each writing task is preceded by a discussion of the presupposed audience, purpose, relevance, style, coherence, organization and purpose based on a written model. Emphasis is on the process of producing written work.

ENPC 710             Introduction to Translation                                                                                2 cr.

The course introduces the skills and techniques, which are needed to translate well. It is based around topic areas, incorporating study of different text-types, style, use of dictionaries, text comparison, collocation, equivalents, and practical hints. It provides opportunities for practice and application and procedures for selecting appropriate texts, typical translation problems in language pair and the ability to identify them in both directions.