Master Of Science In Gender, Migration And Multicultural Studies


To enable students to understand contemporary theories and approaches of migration and use them to analyze current migration patterns and trends, to understand and analyze the root causes and the triggers of various forms of migration, to analyze the challenges and consequences of migration for individuals, institutions and governments, to apply a gender perspective for analyzing the causes, challenges and consequences of migration, to critically assess and analyze migration policies and instruments and to critically analyze the multicultural and intercultural dimensions of migration.


To explore the various aspects of contemporary migration, its causes, processes and consequences, as well as the challenges of its management. All these are introduced with special emphasis on their gender dimension and perspectives.


July of each year.

Admission Requirements

  • This follows the Admission requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies and approved by the University Academic

Graduates from any discipline could apply.


Degree requirements


Total cr.

Core Courses


Major courses




Curriculum Outline


Semester One

Course code


Course Title



GEND 701

Gender and Feminism Concepts and Theories


GEND 702

Identity and Multiculturalism


GEND 703

Development Concepts and Theories



Theories of Migration



Semester Two 

Course code


Course Title




Gender and Migration


GEMM 703

African Migration


GEMM 704

Management of Migration


GEND 704

Research Methodology



Semester Three

Course code


Course Title




Thesis Preparation



Semester Four

Course code


Course Title



GEMM 799




Courses Descriptions

The core courses GEND 701 , 702, 703 AND 704 are as described at page 104 – 105.


GEMM 701            Theories of Migration                                                                                      3 cr.

This course reviews the major social science theories of migration and development, and provides for discussion of their research and policy implications. It focuses on comparative analysis of the macro-, meso- and micro--level quantitative and qualitative explanations of internal and international migration processes in their different forms.


GEMM 702            Gender and Migration                                                                                      3 cr.

This course reviews the dynamics of migration using the gender perspective to analyze and understand the dynamics of migration responses and policies related to reasons, prevalence and impact of migration. The course provides a set of interdisciplinary conceptual tools to understand the, methodological, socio-economic and political concerns surrounding female migration. In doing so, it situates migration (in Africa in general and in Sudan in particular) within global trends and broader social and political theory.


GEMM 703            African Migration                                                                                             3 cr.

This course focuses exclusively on migration within, into and from Africa, and seeks to explore the nature, causes, processes, patterns and consequences of migration and population mobility across the continent. The course adopts an interdisciplinary approach and introduces students to the social, economic, political, historical, environmental and individual factors underpinning migration in Africa and its implications on the persons and countries involved.


GEMM 602            Management of Migration                                                                      3 cr.

This course provides a critical understanding of migration management issues, policies and instruments at national, regional and international levels. The course will start by consideration of the conceptual framework and moves into normative and institutional frameworks and arrangements. Policies, strategies and institutional set up of both state and non-state actors will be considered and gender perception of migration management will be considered throughout the course. Case studies and contentious issue will also be explored and discussed.


GEMM 798            Thesis Preparation                                                                                            6 cr.

This is a preparatory course where the students should present their proposals and meet their supervisors to settle the research topics. The topics should be related to the thematic issues in the program.


GEMM 799            Thesis                                                                                                               9 cr.

The fieldwork is the basis for the writing of the thesis and after submission students will have their oral examinations.