Accepted students should proceed for registration upon notification of admission.The following should be presented at the Registrar Office:

•    The admission letter.

•    The registration form endorsed by the program coordinator (the program coordinator is the student Academic Advisor).The registration form is available at the Registrar Office.

Registration is semester based. The period for registration is two weeks before commences of the semester.  However, PhD registration is phase-based depending on the progress of the student.

Cross Registration

Students from other institutions or from different programs within AUW can register for individual courses / modules for credit at another program offered at AUW. The student should fill the cross registration form available at the Registrar Office and endorse it by both the student institution / program coordinator and AUW coordinator of the program offering the course / module. The student presents the endorsed cross – registration form at the Registrar Office for registration.


Students should pay the required fees following registration.  Each student should submit a clearance receipt from the Financial Office to the administrative assistant of the program before enrollment into each semester.