Historical Background

The School of Languages was established in 2015 (It was known since 1996 as The English Language Unit, then it was upgraded to an Institute in 2009) in order to coordinate the teaching of English in all schools of the University, to work towards improving the students’ standard in English and to run English language required courses, BA in English language / teaching and postgraduate degrees (Diploma, MA and PhD).  The Institute has four functions; teacher development, student development, material production, services and evaluation.  The Institute is also responsible for administration of all courses of the University Preparatory Programme (English Language Courses, Study Skills, Talent Development and Arabic)


To provide service quality language instruction for all individuals in or outside Ahfad University for Women who need to use English as medium of communication, for academic or professional purposes besides other languages such as Arabic and French.


To become one of the leading language institutes in Sudan by setting standards of excellence in the area of teaching and learning languages.


Core Values

1.      Abiding by international academic standards of language teaching and learning

2.      Continuity in keeping abreast of developments in the field

3.      Academic integrity

4.      Encouraging inquiry and expression

5.      Collaboration

6.      Achieving professionalism in language education

7.      Fostering respect for diversity and multiculturalism


Strategies (2015 – 2020)

1-      Establish and maintain good external and internal working relationship

2-      Develop effective learner cantered teaching techniques

3-      Encourage continuous staff professional development and teaching capacities

4-      Create a language friendly atmosphere involving learners

5-      Acquire state of the art resources for teachers and learners

6-      Create a conductive teaching and learning environment


Core Functions:

In order to implement the stated strategies the following functions are identified

1.     Teaching language courses

2.     Assessing students’ learning outcomes using effective assessment tools

3.     Training teachers

4.     Designing, producing and evaluating materials

5.     Providing postgraduate studies

6.    Providing outreach services to other academic and non-academic institutes

7.    Contributing in university activities (e.g. Women’s Week)

8.    Maintaining good working relationship with other organizations working in the same field such as the British Council and the French Center.

9.    Providing language activities for students such as debates and English club

10.  Encouraging research and publication

11.  Supervising the Talent Development Course offered during the UPP

12.   Introducing innovative teaching methods

13.   Establishing working relationship with other schools, institutes and units of the university.

14.   Organizing cultural activities in different languages involving students and university staff

15.   Acquiring resources for teachers and learners


Courses Delivered by the School

1. University General Education Requirements

1.      University Preparatory Programme.

2.      Study Skills Course

3.      Talent Development

4.      University Required English language courses  ( Freshman, second level and third level)

5.      University Required Arabic language courses. 


2. University Preparatory Programme

UPP Vision Statement  

The UPP aims to be the foundation for building the requisite English language and academic literacy skills needed for the success of students in their respective fields of specialization at the university level.


UPP Mission Statement  

The UPP strives to develop students’ English language proficiency, communicative competence, and academic literary skills as well as build their ability to understand and appreciate academic life.  


UPP Program Learning Outcomes  

1.      Having successfully completed the UPP, the student will be able:  

2.      Communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of authentic academic and social settings and situations;  

3.      Comprehend a variety of text types from spoken and written academic and social discourse;  

4.      Perform communicative language functions in various academic and social contexts;  

5.      Utilize available print and non-print information sources;  

6.      Produce coherent and well-structured oral and written assignments;  

7.      Function effectively and appropriately in accordance with established university rules and regulations;  

8.      Appreciate the role of the English language in academic and social



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