Academic Programs

The School is presently focusing on implementing four academic programs in the following specializations:

1. Nutrition and Dietetics

2. Public Health

3. Physiotherapy

The enrolled students will get B.Sc. Honors in Health Sciences with different majors. The earmarking of the students will be after the freshman year.

Admission into any major depends on academic performance, available places and student preference.

Graduation Requirements

Disciplines Admission

It is the student choice to join any discipline (major).

Each student has to fill and submit the application form with choices during the week of the semester (freshman year).

The School Vise-Dean for Academic Affairs follows the assortment of the applications and issues the final list of students in each discipline.

Each discipline is governed by school by-laws:

Nutrition & Dietetics Major and Public Health Major

  • Student’s choice
  • Pass all the freshman courses
  • Earn at least an average mark ≥ 60 in the following courses: Biology I (BIOL101)
  • Math (MATH102)
  • Chemistry I (CHEM101)
  • Chemistry II (CHEM102)
  • English II (ENGL102)


  • Student’s choice
  • Pass all the freshman courses
  • Earn an average mark ≥ 70 in the following courses: Biology I (BIOL101)
  • Physics (PHYS101)
  • Chemistry II (CHEM102)
  • English I (ENGL101)
  • School of Rural Extension, Education and Development (REED)
  • Undergraduate Catalogue 2016–17 & 2017–18
  • English II (ENGL102)
  •  Pass an interview held during the last week of June from each academic year (the average of best 30 students).