Faculty List

Huda Ahmed Eltayeb Ahmed, PhD, AUW, 2014, Assistant Professor. Dean

Rania Mohamed Kheir Abdelrahim, PhD, University of London, 2003, Associate Professor

Ahmed Mohamed Abdelmagid Hassan, PhD, University of Khartoum, 1971, Professor.

Abdelhalim Rahama Ahmed, PhD in Protein Chemistry ( Mysore University, India,1987),  Professor. view Profile

Manal Abdeen Mohamed Ali, PhD in Nutrition. view Profile

Amal Abdel Gadir Yousif Hashim, M.Sc. University of Khartoum, 1997, Lecturer, Deputy Dean

Somaya Elbeshir Eltayeb Mohamed, M.Sc. Royal Tropical Institute Holland, 1995, Lecturer. Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs view Profile

Nuha Taha Osman Ballal, M.Sc. AUW, 2001, Lecturer, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Abdelhalim Rahama Ahmed Gubara, PhD, Mysore India, 1987, Professor.

Ahmed Mohamed Ali Ismaeil, PhD, University of Bangor UK, 1975, Professor.

Mohamed Zain Ali Elbashir, PhD, University of Reading, 1984, Professor.

Sidiga AbdelRahim Washi, PhD, Iowa State University, 1992, Professor. view Profile

Yousif Babiker Yousif Adam, MRCOG - FRCOG. Royal College - University of London, 1987, Professor.

Awad Hassan Mohamed Ahmed, PhD, University of Cambridge, 1977, Associate Professor

Nafisa Mohamed Badri, PhD, University of Manchester, 2002, Associate Professor. view Profile

Omeima Salih Mohamed Salih, PhD, University of Putra Malaysia, 2000, Associate Professor.

Sumaia Mohamed Elsayed Abdoalrahman, PhD, University of Khartoum, 1992, Associate Professor.

Ahlam Eltahir Abdel Rahman, MSc, University of Khartoum, 2001,Assistant Professor .

Eglal Mohyeldin Yaseen Mohamed, M.Sc. AUW, 2004, Lecturer.

Fatima Abdel Magid Ahmed, M.Sc. AUW, 2003, Lecturer. Ghadeir Mubarek  Awad Elseed, M.Sc.University of Gezira, 2003, Lecturer.

Hamza Mudather Ibrahim Alhaggaz, Higher Diploma of Educational Planning, International Institute of Education, France, 1975, Lecturer.

Hanadi Ibrahim Alkhateim Hussien, Oslo University College for Applied Science, Norway, 2009, Lecturer. view Profile

Hassan Mubarak Abdel Nour, M.Sc. University of Western Cape-South Africa, 2008, Lecturer.

Hala Ibrahim Hassan Mohammed, M.Sc. Nutrition and dietetics, Ahfad University for Women, Lecturer. view Profile

Ibtihag Awad Abdalla Mahmoud, M.Sc. University of Khartoum, 2003, Lecturer. 

Majdi Mohammed Sabahelzain, M.Sc. University of Medical Science and Technology. Khartoum, 2014, Lecturer.

Mahasin Hamad Hag Elsiddig, M.Sc. University of Gezira, 1998, Lecturer. Mark Ny Nykango, M.Sc. University of Reading, 1979, Lecturer.

Mayada Faisal Adam Ibrahim, M.Sc. AUW, 2015, Lecturer.

Nuha Kamal Tambal Mahmoud, M.Sc. Oslo University College for Applied Science, Norway, 2009, Lecturer.

Reham Eltigani Ibrahim Nasir, M.Sc. AUW, 2015, Lecturer.

Safaa Osman Elmusharaf Mukhta, M.Sc. AUW, 2004, Lecturer.

Samahir Abu Araki Albakhiet Altayib, Lecturer, Master of physiotherapy (MPT), Rajeev Ghandi University of Health Sciences, India 2015

Sarah Mustafa Alhadi Eisa, Lecturer, MSc in Human Nutrition, AUW, 2006

Sawsan Ahmed Mohamed Balla, M.Sc. AUW, 2008, Lecturer.

Souad AbdelKarim Mohamed Badri, M.ScAUW, 1997, Lecturer.

Sulieman Mohamed Alfadil Alsharif, M.Sc. Malaysia, 2009, Lecturer.

Sulafa Abdalgodous Mohammed Elkhatim, M.Sc. AUW, 2008, Lecturer.

Tarig Abdalla Abdel Magid Ahmed, M.Sc. The National Ribat University, 2013, Lecturer.

Tibyan Abdelrahman Mohamed Badr Alhussien, Lecturer, Master of Public Health (MPH) American University Beirut.

Wafa Mohamed Ahmed Albadwi Deab, M.Sc. AUW, 2012, Lecturer.

Walaa Ali Mohamed Ali, M.Sc. Oslo University College for Applied Science, Norway, 2009, Lecturer. view Profile