About Us

The university strives to develop and maintain a positive work environment; to recruit and retain capable, committed, and caring employees. The university believes that excellent HR services are essential for providing quality and distinctive education.

Vision statement

We  will be an essential contributor that makes AUW an Employer of Choice for the best and most talented   faculty and staff.

Mission statement

We  apply the best HR practices that enable AUW faculty and staff to contribute to fulfill the university vision.


i.   Shift HR role from transactional to strategic contribution by implementing automated processes and systems.

ii.   Develop HR skills to drive strategy objectives in a rational manner according to the following:

·    Organizational design

·    Information management

·    Job profiling and classification

·   Compensation and benefits

·   Talent development

·   Operational service

·   Recruitment

iii.  Identify and reach top talent with effective recruitment strategies and efficient recruitment processes.

iv.  Provide differentiated compensation, benefit programs and work environment that attract, and retain highly qualified and diverse workforce.

v.   Implement a result-based performance management system that values the individual’s contributions and rewards high performing employees.


The unit's values are to:

i.     Support the university strategic directions

ii.     Undertake duties and responsibilities with integrity

iii.    Care for diversity of thoughts and perspectives

iv.    Recruit for retention

v.    Strive for quality performance

vi.   Stress staff learning and development

vii.   Believe in responsiveness

viii.  Openness, honesty, tolerance, fairness and responsibility in social, moral, and academic matters.

ix.   Encourage an ethical and respectful work environment that promotes trust, fairness, confidentiality, and accountability.


HR Unit core functions

To fulfill its mission the HR Unit provides the following services to all faculty and staff members and to the management:

·         Organizational Design: overseeing departmental structures and workforce analysis

·         Recruitment: optimizing the identification and inclusion of the most appropriate talent into the university workforce.

·         Operational Services: managing personnel records, and administering payroll.

·         Information Management: maintaining the HR informational systems and libraries.

·         Job Profiling: identifying, developing, and maintaining roles and their documentation.

·         Compensation and Benefits: developing and managing pay structures and non- cash benefits.

·         Talent Management: overseeing the initiatives that optimize individuals’ fit to the work requirements.