Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Development Research Unit


The Social Sciences and interdisciplinary development research unit (SSIDRU) was established to complement the research and grant unit which is focusing its research on the applied and medical sciences research work. The SSIDRU will prioritize research collaborations with national and international research centers and organizations in issues dealing with women/gender and development, and will be targeting particular emphasis on issues that are challenging the new Sudan vision, including poverty alleviation, unemployment, human rights, migration/displacement, peace, and cultural globalization. Also, the SSIDRU will serve other universities and institutions with capacity building in research knowledge and techniques. This research centre is inspiring to focus on the social and development studies with a multi / interdisciplinary perspective of research network that enabling social scientists and pure/applied scientists in doing join research. Hence, the research unit will work and serve the university in general and establish partnership with the social sciences colleges and departments in Sudan, the region and oversees research centers and Universities.
Currently, SSIDRU is working under the umbrella of the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace & Rights (RIGDPR). It acts as a main pillar of RIGDPR mandate.


Boost the University competition accreditation regionally and globally through creating an outstanding climate of support for researchers and enabling research collaboration and information utilities globally.


Strategically invests in promising Social Sciences research and researcher; Strengthen the staff capacity on social sciences and interdisciplinary researches techniques; will serve as research consultant body for other institutions; and will manage and disseminate information widely.


Creates integrated research services, transparent research administration, planning, evaluation and streamlined processes.

Enhance researchers' abilities to raise and manage research grants.

Formation of scientific social sciences journal.

Enable staff to register on professional international research sites.

Encourage multidisciplinary research work between schools' staff.

Monitor and evaluate the university's research activities.

Collaborate with international and national SC research centers and institutes in joint activities such as, conferences, publication,and research projects.

Collaborate with capacity building centers in provision of research methodologies and related issues such as planning and evaluation, and information skills.

Main Activities:

1. Conducted a research on impact of covid 19 on the socioeconomic, family cohesion, and health 9f Sudanese family in five States of Sudan.
2. Role of religions on peace building and development.
3. Sociocultural attitudes and practices among Sudanese society during Covid 19 pandemic.
4. Conducted training workshops for junior staff on how to write a research proposal for a ph.d study.

5. Served two NGOs and two INGOs  technical  advise in research project proposal writing, research tools prepration, and in monitoring and evaluation.

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