Scholarships Possibilities at AUW

AUW is committed to extending opportunities for higher education to disadvantaged groups and regions by supporting students from southern, eastern and western regions of Sudan. The annual intake is about one thousand and five hundred students out of this number 200 vacancies are offered to students from these regions, targeting those who need help from poor families of these areas as a priority.                                                 

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

AUW is committed to extending scholarship support for students from disadvantaged families in different states of Sudan. A special consideration will be given to applicants from less developed areas of the Sudan, providing that they meet the minimum academic requirements for admission, and on the condition that the candidate from these areas should work for at last 2 years in their regions after graduation. Preference is given to those who are the first female in the family to join university.

Eligibility for financial aid is determined on the basis of financial need of the students upon proof of the need and interview.

Application forms for financial aid and further information are available at the University Admissions Office.

AUW Scholarship Application Master Programs

The scholarship positions are for the master programs offered by the following schools / institutes (Check Graduate Studies flyer / Master Programs Application Form):

  1. School of Psychology and Pre-school Education
  2. School of Management Studies
  3. School of Rural Extension, Education and Development.
  4. Regional Institute of Gender Diversity, Peace and Human Rights  
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