General Education

General Education Program

The goal of Ahfad University for Woman (AUW) is to prepare women to assume responsible roles in their families, communities, and in the nation. In keeping with this objective “the Ahfad experience” embraces a combination of well-articulated academic courses, on-the-job training, individual research, and community extension activities. This combination of activities is designed to prepare women from all parts of Sudan to become change agents in their families and communities and to assume leadership positions in society.

In order to achieve its goal, AUW is committed to offering its students a broad undergraduate liberal education that enables them to acquire the analytical skills and habits of life-long learning that they will need to compete successfully in the twenty-first century to become empowered future change agents and leaders”. In addition, “the university has the intention of widening the choices available to students in the general education and the various majors to enforce liberal education and enhance the students’ abilities to choose”.

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