How to Apply

Undergraduate Admission Procedures

Since 2014 the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) adopted a central electronic system of application to all universities and higher institutions in Sudan. Applicants can only apply through the website of the Ministry (

The General Directorate of Admissions of the MHESR decides about the start of the application cycles and their deadlines.

The list of students accepted at AUW is sent directly to the AO through a specific link.

Accepted Students Procedures

*To complete the admission process at AUW, an accepted student should submit to the AO the following documents (a copy of the admission receipt, copy of her secondary school certificate, and copy of the national ID for Sudanese students or a copy of passport for non-Sudanese students).

  • Each student pays the application fees at the Finance office only and brings the receipt of payment to the AO to collect the application form.
  • Applicant fills the application form and submits it to the admissions office for revision and verification.
  • A receipt of the completed application form (in triplicate) will be filled by the AO. One copy will be stapled to the application, the second copy is given to the applicant and the third copy remains in the receipt book. The receipt contains a check list of required documents.
  • A student is given with the receipt a notification date to collect letter of acceptance.
  • The letter of admission includes the name of the school to which the applicant is admitted, as well as a University Student ID of nine digits generated by the system. The new Student University ID will be used for settling financial issues at the Finance Office, for registration of courses and for other academic transactions at AUW.

Transfer Student Admission Procedures

Transfer students from other universities will be admitted according to the rules and regulations of the MHESR. The procedures are as follows:

  • Applicants apply to AO, providing the following official documents (transcript attested by MHES and a copy of the letter of resignation from her previous university or college).
  • All submitted documents will be sent to Dean of the School applied to, for review, the dean will suggest a proposed academic plan that should be endorsed by the Registrar Office.
  • A letter of admission will be given to the student so she can complete all other steps of admission.
  • AO will take students documents to the Central Admissions Office at the MHESR to complete the transfer procedure and change status of the transferred student.
  • The Office of Admissions will compile the application files of all registered transferred students and send them to the Registrar Office.

Readmission/Reactivation Procedures

Students who have left the University for more than two years and have decided to return must submit a readmission request.

  • A student applying for readmission should contact the Registrar Office first to get an updated transcript of courses that she needs to take to be eligible for graduation.
  • The student submits the letter requesting readmission and the Registrars transcript to AO.
  • The AO will check if the Student ID still exists in the SIS and accordingly will issue a letter of Readmission.
  • If ID does not exist, the student must fill an application form. A new ID will be generated and a letter of readmission will be given to the student.
  • Student takes the letter of admission to Registrar Office to complete her process

Transfer from one School to another within AUW:

  • Student purchases an internal transfer request form, gets the signatures of Deans of both schools and submits the request form to AO.
  • After completing the process of transfer the AO will take all necessary documents to the Central Admissions Office at the MHESR and change status of the student.

Admission Requirements for Mature Students

Admission requirements for mature students are governed by current regulations of the Central Admissions Office, MHESR.

Medical Record

All newly admitted students must fill an entrance medical record form, to be completed by the designated University physician at the Ahfad Family Health Center (AFHC) before the registration period. Students who report late to AFHC will be charged a late fee.

A medical test clearance slip will be given to the student to take it to Registrar Office and start her registration.

Returning students after the annual holidays are not required to complete any medical forms.

Important changes in the student’s medical condition and/or updating immunizations should be reported to the university physician by appointment at the AFHC early in the first semester to update the student’s file. All information is kept confidential.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all students during their years of study at AUW. Thus, any student registered for at least 12 credit hours is automatically enrolled under the Health Insurance (HI). However, a student may be exempted from enrolling in HI if she presents proof that she is covered by another healthcare insurance provider.

Students who register at the beginning of the first semester are covered by HI for twelve months, provided they do not graduate, withdraw, or are suspended and/or dropped from the University.

Students are required to pay annual fees for the HI. The fee charges are announced each year by the AUW Services Coordinator’s office.

Passports and Visas

Foreign students joining AUW must have passports valid for a period of not less than 13 months from the date of joining the University. They should also secure an entry visa to Sudan from the nearest Sudanese embassy or consulate in their country.

The Office of Student Affairs, in coordination with the Personnel Office, the AO and Registrar Office, will help provide the necessary certificates for registered foreign students to acquire residence permits from the Sudanese authorities.

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