Mission and Outcomes

General Education Program

Mission Statement:

The General Education Program supports the mission of AUW by providing students with essential knowledge and skills to make them well-rounded individuals who are successful in their personal and professional lives in a diverse global society. This is achieved by instilling in students a sense of personal and social responsibility through expanding their communication skills, broadening their knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world, developing their critical thinking and ethical reasoning abilities, fostering problem solving skills, and promoting a disposition for life-long learning.

Vision Statement:

The General Education Program at AUW will enhance students’ ability to succeed in their personal and professional life and to make positive contributions to the community.

General Education Program Learning Outcomes

Upon Completion of the GE requirements, students will be able to:

1-      Written Communication (Arabic and English): Demonstrate effective written communication that involves multiple purposes and targets multiple audiences.

2-      Oral Communication (Arabic and English): Demonstrate effective oral communication skills in multiple contexts.

3-      Information Literacy: Demonstrate ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and use information effectively.

4-      Critical Thinking: Evaluate information and ideas to propose an opinion or conclusion based on evidence.

5-      Ethical Reasoning: Analyze ethical issues through multiple ethical perspectives.

6-      Problem Solving: Apply different strategies to answer open-ended questions.

7-      Quantitative Literacy: Apply mathematical, statistical, and symbolic reasoning to solve quantitative problems.

8-      Humanities: Analyze primary work in at least one discipline in the humanities by applying methods used by scholars in the discipline.

9-      Cultures: Compare cultural and human differences and their impact on self and society.

10-  Social Sciences: Apply one or more methods that social scientists use in studying social relations, human experiences, and/or society.

11-  Natural Sciences: Apply the scientific principles and methods scientists use to explore natural phenomena.

12-  Civic Engagement: Demonstrate ability to make a positive difference in the quality of life of the community.

13-  Teamwork: Demonstrate effective skills in working in teams.

14-  Lifelong Learning: Demonstrate ability to engage in lifelong learning with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence.

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