The late Prof. Sidiga Washi’s Memorial Ceremony

On this day, 3rd of Nov, Ahfad University for Women paid tribute in the memorial ceremony of the late prof. Sidiga Washi the woman of her time, the teacher, the mentor, the sister. Prof. Washi was the president of the International Federal for Home Economics (IFHE), and Director of Quality Assurance Unit at Ahfad University

The ceremony was opened by an exhibition that illustrated the timeline of prof. Sidiga Washi’s life journey, as well as the trophies of her countless achievements. Following the opening was a few words of condolences from her colleagues and family. In the closing of the memorial, Ahfad’s Coral performed a song written in tribute of the late prof. Washi and concluded by final words by her brother Uz. Amin Washi on behalf of the Washi family.




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