World Food Day under the Theme “The Role of Ahfad in Healthy Diet for Zero Hunger World”


The 16th of October marks the World Food Day celebrates the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945. This year Ahfad University celebrated the World Food Day under the theme ‘Kandaka Ahfadia for a Healthy Diet’, the event included open buffets offering healthy meals to encourage healthy eating, scientific papers were presented and a live performance by Ahfad University choir was featured. There was also a screening of a documentary on the health awareness campaigns which were given at different schools prior to the World Food Day.

Different parties (both external and internal) took part in the festival, such as Qabas International Schools, Cofftea, Wheata Flour Mills and many more. Some participants from the university were the Ahfad University Nursery and the students themselves as they helped organize and arrange the event.

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