The Role of Community Mobilization in Sustainable Development: Youth are the Pillars of Change

FT 2019

Keeping to its’ promise of improving and developing the community and as a pioneer in civic engagement, Ahfad University for Women has organized its’ annual Rural Extension Trips for 2019, being held since 1973, as part of the Rural Extension Program which consists of one semester theoretical and practical course followed by one week fieldtrips to different states and rural areas around Sudan. During the trips, the students - under the supervision of faculty and staff members - work on awareness campaigns addressing different social and health related topics. They also get to experience the lives of rural women. 

This year the fieldtrips included more than 800 students from different schools, heading to 7 states and 63 rural areas around Sudan. Some of the targeted states include; Al Jazirah, Sinnar, Gadarif and North Kordofan States, and others. Each trip includes 12 – 16 students in mixed teams from the six Schools of AUW, who team to design and carry out educational awareness campaigns tailored to fit the community in the host area. Some of the topics to be addressed this year are; establishing community based associations; good governance (democracy, human rights, fighting corruption); peace keeping and conflict resolution; importance of partnership to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals; maternal and child health; water and environmental sanitation and education (school environment & the role of parents’ councils).
Students use different tools and approaches to get the messages across, such as discussion groups, seminars, home visits and the like, other creative methods including role plays, drama, music and drawings.
At the end of each trip students collectively write a report on the many activities and duties they have carried out throughout their trip, along with pictures, a map of the area as well as demographic information of the area. They also list proposed means and needs to develop the area.
AUW believes in the important role its students and youth can play in transforming and developing communities, and we wish them all successful and fruitful trips.



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