International Diabetes Day 2019 in Ahfad University for Women


On the 27th of November 2019 Ahfad Center for Family Health celebrated the International Diabetes Day (originally on the 14th of November) under the theme “Diabetes and the Family”.
The day targeted individuals with diabetes and their families as well as those prone to getting diabetes, it aimed to educate them on the disease and encouraging them on consistent and early checking to decrease their chances of getting diabetes. The program also educated families on how to support family members with diabetes and how to manage the disease’s side effects, other aspects of the event included sessions providing dietary health tips and instructions. Healthy meals and diabetes and blood pressure tests were offered to encourage a healthy lifestyle in prevention from diabetes.
The programme didn’t only target individuals and families but it also sought health decision makers, medical cadres, educators and awareness raising groups. Among those in attendance were the centre’s doctors and diabetes educators, the Ahfad Medical Students Association, Samasu Medical & Educational Services and Adiyat Marketing & Distribution Company.
The day was a great platform to educate individuals and families on all aspects of diabetes as well as how to sustain their health and prevent diseases such as diabetes, the day also presented a platform to connect the community with companies and other relevant entities that can further contribute in the awareness process.





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