16 Days of Activism: "Kandakat against Gender Based Violence (GBV)"


As Ahfad University for Women continues to be a pioneer in advocating for women’s rights and as a hub for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; Goal number 5; ‘Gender Equality’ the university and in collaboration with the PanAfrican Youth Union celebrated the 16 Days of Activism on the 14th and 15th of December of 2019.

The 16 Days of Activism is an annual international campaign that seeks to challenge violence against women and girls and to end all forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV). The campaign starts from the 25th of November (The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) until the 10th of December (Human Rights Day). This campaign was first established under the theme "Violence against Women Violates Human Rights”. This year’s campaign was under the theme "Orange the World: Generation Equity Stands against Rape".
In Ahfad University for Women, we celebrated the 16 Days of Activism under the local theme “Kandakat against GBV” by hosting a 2-day event with different programs and festivities that took place in different spots around the campus. The first day started off with a march against violence with the presence of AUW students, staff members and their families and the guests of the PanAfrican Youth Union (PYU). Afterwards, there were indoor programs such as speeches on how women can empower themselves to battle GBV and then all the audience moved outdoors to perform the One Billion Rising Dance and watch a match of volleyball between the AUW team and the African University team. The second day also witnessed various activities beginning with a debate - one in English and another in Arabic - under the notion “GBV is the Responsibility of Individuals”, the audience was very attentive as the teams were divided into Government & Individuals, later the debaters were given medals and certificates for their participation. The debate was followed by a self-defense session which was given by a representative from the Brazilian Embassy and the celebration ended off with a Kenyan band performance at Ahfad University’s club, the performance was accompanied by a gallery and Bazaar by different associations from inside and outside AUW.
Among the honorary attendees were Hon. Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe MP for Harare West, Ms. Nafula Wafula- Vice chair of Commonwealth Youth Council, Ms. Fadimatou Osmane-President of NYC Cameroon and Mr. Sylvester Tetteh- CEO of the National Youth Authority of Ghana.
The event was a comprehensive one that provided something for everyone, through each and every activity the audience got to learn more on women empowerment, the different forms of GBV and how society can seek to eliminate all forms. It was a fun and productive one and it wouldn’t have been possible without the joint efforts of the Brazilian Embassy and the PanAfrican Youth Union coming forth to work hand in hand with AUW.



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