Fourth Group Therapy Training for Traumatized Clients


As Ahfad University for Women’s Ahfad Trauma Center/ The School of Psychology and the German-Sudanese Cooperation in Counseling and Psychotherapy move forward in their training sessions on Group Counseling, they hosted their latest and fourth joint workshop on the 26th of November until the 1st of December 2019 titled ‘Training in Trauma Group Counseling (4) – How to treat traumatized adults and children/ adolescents in groups’.

The training is the fourth in a series of training sessions hosted in collaboration between Ahfad Trauma Center and German psychotherapists who are members of international world renowned organizations (the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), Group Analytic Society International (GASI)). The sessions’ main focus is Group Counseling, in the past three years the sessions addressed the basics of Group Counseling (basics of group psychotherapy) and then started focusing more on treatment of trauma in groups, all past and present sessions have been organized with the financial support of the Bavarian State Government in Munich.

This year’s training session aimed to exchange theoretical and clinical knowledge, and experience between the group of German therapists and Sudanese mental health care providers. Together they discussed and learnt how to approach clients (children, adolescents, and adults) dealing with trauma related disorders in specific settings using different imaginative techniques. The sessions started off with a self-awareness session to familiarize the members with one another, afterwards they moved to a discussion on different cases and treatment methods and ended with a closing ritual (dancing, singing… etc.). Among the psychologists and psychotherapists heading the sessions – on how to conduct group therapy for traumatized clients - were Dr. Christiane Bakhit who works as a psychologist and psychodynamic psychotherapist for adults, Andrea Eckert, who works with adolescents and Dr. Hanna Wintsch; a psychologist for children.

The training was attended by a number of Sudanese mental health care providers, psychologists and therapists from different hospitals and mental health institutions, namely; Al-Tigany Al-Mahy Mental Health Hospital, Abdelal El Idreesy Hospital, Taha Ba'asher Psychiatric Hospital, Khartoum Teaching Hospital, Al Zahraa Center for Family and Child Care, Ibrahim Malik Hospital, Ask dxr Consultancy Clinic.




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