The Importance of Drawing for Children’s Development


Dr. Nagwan Shams El Dein of the School of Psychology presented a research paper titled “The Importance of Drawing for Children’s Development” as part of the First International Conference for Fine Art Therapy hosted by the Bastawi Baghdadi Culture & Arts Foundation on the 11 & 12th December 2019.

The paper was presented as part of the general aims of the conference that is to create a national and regional hub of experts to promote innovation in education and promote mental health and fine art therapy. Dr. Nagwan’s paper focused on identifying the importance of art and drawing as it is considered a healthy tool through which children can channel their wide range of emotions. The paper also showed how drawing can be used as a tool to identify and diagnose the mental state of children, as it can also be used as a tool for therapy or healing.

The paper also addressed two other groups, children with disabilities and homeless children, for the former it has highlighted how drawing and art can play a vital role in communication for children with disabilities, especially children who find difficulty with verbal communication. And for the latter the drawings also resemble a mean to understand the thoughts and ideas homeless children process and go through.

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