Sudan Next Generation in Collaboration with Ahfad University for Women: Towards A Positive Sustainable Future

The new changes Sudan is witnessing bring with them the need for new knowledge and information that can ensure a sustainable transition towards a more developed Sudan. That change requires the joint efforts of Sudanese from all backgrounds, those residing in Sudan and those living abroad. Because Ahfad University for Women (AUW) always strives to be a part of that positive change, it collaborated with Sudan Next Generation (Sudan Next Gen) as they hosted their 2 days’ workshop on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Beauty at Ahfad University for Women on the 29th and 30th of December of 2019.

Sudan Next Gen comprises a group of Sudanese individuals and professionals in diverse fields coming together to help Sudan leapfrog into a new stage of infrastructural and economic growth and development. Sudan Next Gen provides information and knowhow in areas like Agile & Big Fast Result (BFR) Methods, it also provides a platform to find and connect with experts and initiatives in different areas (agriculture, entrepreneurship... etc), expert qualification and assessment and many more.

The first day of their 2 day workshop started with two parallel sessions happening at the same time in two separate halls; one themed ‘Be Authentic, Build your own Business’ addressing topics like; Women Development and Entrepreneurship for Youth presented by Hiba Abdel Rahim, Rana Osman, Mohamed Omer and Ahmed Najdi. The other session was themed; ‘Leapfrog to the Digital World’ addressing Digital Business Models & Solutions and Digital Strategy & Marketing presented by Mohamed Omer, Tarig M Hassan and Abdelaziz Mohammed.

The second day included two more sessions, the first one was themed; Unleash your Leader Self, it tackled Leadership for Women in Business and Leadership Management presented by Hiba Abdel Rahim, Rabab Atta M. Ahmed and Ahmed Najdi. The second session introduced the audience to the different skills; Sales Skills and Research Skills curated by Hiba AbdelRahim and Ahmed Najdi, the session also presented the audience to the Culture of Innovation & Kandaka Beauty which was given by Mohamed Omer.

We are grateful to have had the excellent team of Sudan Next Generation as they provided a host of knowledge and diverse sessions. The workshop was a great joint venture that enabled AUW to be a part of the positive change Sudan is going through.

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