The 7th Annual International Day: "Women Leading Change in My Country"


(Photo: Yemeni visitors taking pictures at the photobooth)

Ahfad University for Women (AUW) has always been known for its wide and diverse community. It brings together students from various walks of life with different backgrounds and ethnicities from all around Sudan and the world as well. Its ability to create and maintain such a loving & diverse environment that everyone can call home makes AUW unique in its own way. The International Day is one of AUW's many annual events. It’s organized by the Ahfad Student Ambassadors (ASAs) under the supervision of the International and External Relations office (IERO). The celebration is one filled with music, vibrant & colourful clothes, and delicious traditional meals. It celebrates the rich and beautiful differences of the many students in a way that makes them all feel connected to each other, which creates a wonderful and nurturing sense of bonding between the students, while educating them on other cultures and teaching them to be respectful and appreciative.

This year’s International Day took place on the 25th of January of 2020, under the theme "Women Leading Change in My Country". It shed light on pioneering women from all around the globe that bring about change and whom are an influential source of strength to their communities.

With 13 countries participating including, Sudan (East Sudan, West Sudan and Nuba Mountains), Nigeria, Ethiopia, Yemen, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and the United States of America. The event started at 5 PM in the afternoon with each country’s booth, to showcase the different attributes of their culture, featuring food, beverages, attires… etc. At 7pm the stage programs began which included traditional dances and a fashion show of the different countries, singing, live painting, and an educational segment to know more about the outstanding and inspiring women of the world.

(Photo: AUW students from the Ahfad Student Ambassadors)

The event came to an end at 10:30 PM with AUW’s orchestra performing an international song. The International Day found great and positive responses from everyone, both the students as well as the honorary guests whom included the U.S. Congress members (CODEL), the Brazilian ambassador, the Japanese deputy ambassador, who found the day very interesting and liked the theme and how the different countries showcased the outstanding and inspiring women of their countries that lead change and continue to do so. He was also astonished by how AUW’s students represented his country very well saying;

"I'm mostly surprised by the booths and how much of resources the students collected from each country, especially my country considering it as one of the countries in the Far East. But the students made an amazing effort to reflect the culture of the country, and I was much surprised when I saw food exhibited in the booth. I really appreciate and respect the effort they made".

(Photo: the Japanese deputy Ambassador being interviewed by Hasnaa Al-Sadiq an AUW student, the photo was taken by Wassan Hassan, another AUW student)

The Ambassador of Djibouti, was also amazed by the exhibitions stating;

"The quality of the exhibitions are great and it is projecting our pride. I've seen the rich culture of the countries that are exhibiting especially Yemen, where I saw a very rich culture in their art and everything, and even the origin of civilization of mankind in Yemen, as well as the origin of coffee”

He has found the whole day very enlightening and interesting, appreciating AUW's community as a whole, and how it is promoting women and gender equality, and most importantly the amazing welcoming and assistance that the Ahfad Student Ambassadors (ASAs) provided.

We were very glad and honoured that they were able to join us on this day, learning about different cultures, different inspirational women, and having fun dancing to the amazing traditional music from all around the world.

Created by: Hasnaa Al-Sadig, an AUW student

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