AUW 2020 Women's Week: "The Role of Community Mobilization in Achieving Sustainable Development: Youth are the Pillars of Change"

“Youth are the pillars of change” – and by empowering our youth, we allow for our society to soar higher and achieve goals that will forge a way into a positive and sustainable future. This is the essence of this year’s Women’s Week, themed; “The Role of Community Mobilization in Achieving Sustainable Development: Youth are the Pillars of Change”

The annual Women’s Week at Ahfad University for Women (AUW), celebrated during the first week of March corresponding with the International Women’s Day, is one of the largest events. It provides a platform for AUW students to showcase their talents and artistic perspectives and allows them to compete in the names of their schools.

As AUW emphasizes the importance for an environment that works to eradicate gender-based issues and one that seeks to help women grow, in celebrating Women’s Week, AUW furthers its stance in advocating for women’s empowerment and for women to become change agents in their society.


The preparations and rehearsals for the 44th Women’s Week began two months before the actual event; the excitement grew with each day and a festive spirit surrounded the atmosphere at AUW. All throughout the two months, the participants were buzzing with energy and worked hard from morning till dusk to present their schools in the best image possible.

The 44th Women’s Week held a special place in the students’ hearts – the memories and wounds of the Sudanese Revolution still fresh in their minds. It pushed the students out of their periods of stagnation and inspired them to create raw and more thought-invoking art pieces, be it in the murals, the plots of the short films and stories, poetry and poem recitals, or solo performances and plays. The theme of Women’s Week also became a pedestal for the choirs, plays, contemporary dance and solo singing performances. Contestants from different schools gave out their blood, sweat and tears to engrave their messages in the guests’ hearts.

The four-day program was separated into the exhibitions held at AUW’s Club and the stage performances held at Al-Hafeed Library’s field, allowing the latter to execute enchanting performances for the guests to enjoy and the professional panel of judges to consider as competition between the different schools at AUW. The participants were nervous but gave out beautiful performances as soon as they set foot onstage. The exhibitions showcased the history and talents of the schools in AUW, enabling each school to use the booths as a means of spreading their messages under the theme of “Youth: Pillars of Change”. Aswat Al Madina, a renowned Sudanese band, came to perform during the third day of Women’s Week at AUW’s Club and added to the joyful atmosphere.

Women’s Week at AUW was a week full of celebrations, awareness on different issues such as gender-based violence, and commemoration of women’s sustainable role in society.

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