AUW 2020 Job Fair: Building Solid Grounds for a Successful Future

The Job Fair is an annual event at Ahfad University for Women (AUW) designed to help its students overcome the intimidation of seeking employment and work experience by directly connecting them to employers and possible recruiters and allowing them to form networks. The Job Fair levitates the students towards a variety of career options and offers them an insight on professional behavior.

The 7th Annual Job Fair, which began on 18th February, 2020, was a five-day program that included a number of workshops geared towards students seeking expertise in different areas, such as ‘Entrepreneurship’ facilitated by Uz. Abdel-hameed Kadafor, ‘How to be Professional in Your Career’ facilitated by Uz. Isam Ahmed Awad, ‘How to Write a Proper Curriculum Vitae’ facilitated by Uz. Malik Abu AlHasssan. 

Workshops were followed by the Supply Chain Day; an entire day dedicated to Supply Chain Management (SCM), a fairly new specialization in AUW. The head of the Supply Chain Management in AUW, Mr. Mohammed AlSaeed, along with Mr. Almahi Suleiman, Mr. Walaeldeen Abdallah, and Mrs. Rabab Satti, aimed to demonstrate the facets of SCM in general and as a career path and to highlight its importance in the market. Youtuber Muaz Osman also gave a motivational speech for people starting up their own projects.

The last two days of the Job Fair had booths set up at AUW’s Club for companies like Aramaex, the CTC Group, SUR International, CAFA Development Organization, and many other organizations which allowed them to show and offer their opportunities and recruit students as potential employees. Organizations such as Amphipharma, Bank of Khartoum, and Morouj Commodities were recurrent guests of AUW’s annual Job Fair; previously recruiting AUW’s students impacted their companies positively which allowed them to be confident seeking recruitment and employment from AUW for the second time. There were also some visitors who were hoping to bring about positive change for their organizations, such as Al Faisal Bank by “opening up to more women and hoping that AUW’s students neutralize the male-dominated atmosphere.”

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