Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize Winner Ceremony 2016

As the first women's higher education institute in the Middle East and Africa AUW is now celebrating its Golden Jubilee. Commemorating the late Yousif Badri's visionary leadership in civic engagement, social responsibility, and rural development, the Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize for universities was borne. AUW continues Professor Yousif's ethos in establishing the first and only specialized department for rural extension and development, annual field trips to rural Sudan since 1979, and academic scholarships for most students from resource poor areas. 

The YbCEIP Prize celebrates university's inspired by this philosophy. And today gives recognition to 3 outstanding universities. The University of Pretoria for establishing a legal center within its campus. The American University of Beirut civic engagement center for its far and wide programming. And to students' civic engagement initiative in drinking water production using solar energy for rural areas at the INSTITUTE OF SPACE TECHNOLOGY, PAKISTAN. Nationwide YbCEIP would also like to recognize Sudan university for Science and Technology as well as AlImam AlMahadi University.
The Prize's momentum has begun and shall continue to remain as an inspiring beam for universities worldwide to continue to strive for excellence within their communities and beyond. This was an invitation to showcase and present prizes to the winners of YbCEIP awarded by AUW in the name of its founder Yousif Badri.
The winners of the 2016 YbCEIP Prize are in first place. Department of Law, University of Pretoria, South Africa. As a student's initiative to give legal aid to those in need. We hope Sudanese law schools will emulate this exampl.The second Prize is awarded to AUB whose work with refugees and poor communities in IGA activities.The YbCEIP 3rd Prize is awarded to the INSTITUTE OF SPACE TECHNOLOGY, PAKISTAN.another student's initiative for education. AUW invites us all to take these examples of civic engagement and student participation to incorporate them within Sudanese curricula.

The first place: University of Pretoria

The second Prize: American University of Beirut (AUB)


Sir Mark Moody-Stuar 

 Check Here For the Power Point Presentation of the Winners

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