Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize


Ahfad University for Women in Sudan, in celebration of its Golden Jubilee has established the Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize (YbCEIP) to pay tribute to the founding father Yousif Badri's remarkable and life-long service to women’s education and civic engagement.

YbCEIP recognizes and celebrates extraordinary programs with ongoing community engagement and provision of services initiated by universities and civil society organizations. It is established to encourage and aid their efforts through the awarding of a financial prize.

YbCEIP has a three tier monetary prize offering; first, second, and third. The first prize winner will be given a $5,000 gift sponsored by AUW. The second ($3,000) and third ($2,000) winners will be sponsored by the Haggar Foundation, allocated by Mrs. Alice Haggar, a staunch supporter of women’s education and philanthropy, and social responsibility.

The Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prizewas established in order to:

  • Celebrate extraordinary university and civil society organizations' programs engaging and serving vulnerable communities.
  • Encourage civic engagement programs through the awarding of a one -time financial gift for first, second, and third prizes.
  • Promote and extend the values of Dr. Yousif Badri, the pioneer of non-governmental higher education in Sudan, the founder of Ahfad University for Women and a key figure in community engagement and service in Sudan.

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Ahfad University for Women (AUW) has established itself as a forward thinking educational institute for women in Africa. It provides a necessary foundation for the creation of sustainable and peaceful communities, highlighting the active participation of students in rural extension involvement programs, targeting disadvantaged families and areas, and establishing a quota of reduced fees and/or scholarships for rural and underprivileged female students. In addition it developes leadership and social civic engagement skills such as in the Talents Program required in the university and celebrating Women’s Week and International Food Day.

Since its inception in 1966, AUW has recognized the importance of the active contribution and involvement of universities in and for the promotion of the community. By initiating "The Engaged African University" as a model in which civic engagement is integrated into academic research and extra-curricular programs, AUW goes beyond the classroom and reaches war-affected, displaced, and economically disadvantaged Sudanese communities. Since the 1970s, AUW has served the rural population of Sudan through the establishment of links, collaborations, and partnerships with national and international NGOs, UN agencies, and foreign governments. AUW has also served in a patronal capacity in the creation of the Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies (BBSAWS) in 1979, which was a pioneer in the combat of female genital mutilation (FGM), breaking the taboo and silence to bring an end to the practice. Additionally, the university spearheaded the opening of integrated rural women’s community centers for raising awareness, enlightenment, empowerment, and skills development programs.

Moreover, AUW’s direct social responsibility has extended to surrounding areas, mainly inhabited by internally displaced communities since 1994, through the creation of the Mother and Child Health Clinic (MCHC), specifically providing a unique and integrated program for addressing their socio-economic and reproductive health needs through establishing income generating and revolving funds programs. More recently, the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center provides a distinct health care service for physiotherapy among war amputees and children. Furthermore, community engagement has seen the establishment of the Ahfad Trauma, Treatment, and Training Center (ATC) where mental health needs are addressed by the only trained trauma counsellors in the nation.

AUW is a founding member of the Talloire Network for Civic Engagement and was featured in the Engaged University book. Several of its programs were shortlisted for the MacJannet Prize and last year one of them was among the winning programmes. Recently, and as part of its Golden Jubilee, AUW established the Yousif Badri International Prize for Civic Engagement in Universities so as to foster the integration of the concept and the practice within other universities.

Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize Winner Ceremony 2018

Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize Winner Ceremony 2017

Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize Winner Ceremony 2016





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