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         University History 

             Jubilee Events

5 decades Achievements

Over the past 5 decades we reflect on our founding years
in 1966, 60 students graduated from AUW with a bold vision to

We were small, with big ambitions. Over 5 decades we have more than fulfilled our potential, becoming one of the nation’s leading academic institutions.

Today, we are truly a global community producing impactful research, with members who thrive on creativity and challenge established conventions to improve the lives of our society and beyond.

This is a celebration of our collective achievements, reflecting on our founding years that literally shaped AUW’s evolution with the BUILDINGS GENISIS EXHIBITION

Breaking the Chain of VAW as we Dance at our 3rd OneBillion Rising Event

From Individual to Collective Healing Conference

Seminars, Lecture Series, and Colloquiums frame our year-long celebratory of events and activities throughout the 5 University Departments

Our annual International Day of the Woman from 5-8 March during which we bring together the art, music, drama, and prose to (PROGRAM)

50 faces of AUW