Historical Background

The school of Management Studies (previously known as the School of Organizational Management) was established in 1977 and  awards students a diploma af ter completion of  four years of studies. In 1984 the school star ted awarding the bachelor degree. In 1991, a five-year

program in management studies began in which students are awarded a bachelor degree with honor in one of the following three specializations:

• Business Administration.

• Office Management.

• Accounting and Finance.

In 2005, a new specialization (Management Information Systems - MIS) was introduced to replace Office Management specialization. Then, in 2015, the University Academic Board

passed three concentrations under the Business Administration Specialization, as follows:

• Human Resource Management • Marketing Management

• Procurement and Supply Chain Management


We are committed to providing contemporary management approaches and innovative skills in career-oriented educational programs, so as to deliver graduates who possess critical thinking skills and courage to act justly in a global business environment and become effective

responsible leaders.


To become a well-recognized management school, known for excellence in management education, research, and community development.

Core values

Excellence, commitment, academic freedom, integrity, ethics, transparency, diversity, leadership, par tnership, and social responsibility.

Strategic Directives

• To maintain contemporary, high quality academic programs. • To increase the number of research collaborations.

•  To increase the number of staff exchange programs nationally, regionally and internationally.  • To provide professional development and career progress support to all staff.

• To build mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded national and international institutions.

• To enhance student and alumni support, personal development, and employability via internships, graduate training schemes, and post-graduation programs.

• To contribute to key civic engagement agenda of AUW.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

• Business Administration: with three (3) Concentrations as follows: – Marketing Management

– Human Resource Management

– Procurement and Supply Chain Management

• Accounting and Finance

• Management Information Systems

Admission Requirements

Refer to the Admissions section of the catalogue

Graduation Requirements

For graduation with a bachelor of Management Studies (BS.C – Honor) degree in Business Administration – Accounting and Finance and Management Information Systems major, the student should successfully complete the study of 150 Credit Hours.