Study period in AUWSOM is 6 years spread over 12 semesters (in addition to the UPP) and assembled into three Phases. Two semesters of 18 to 22 weeks are scheduled per year beginning in July and November/ December. AUWSOM’s curriculum is continuously revisited and reviewed in order to ensure the delivery of the most up-to-date and relevant content to students. The curriculum is based on well-structured blocks and modules of integrated organ systems and themes organized in a spiral manner. The basic concepts shaping the curriculum appear throughout the program in the form of longitudinal courses that permeate the whole schedule. These concepts are:

•    Innovative teaching methods i.e. Problem Based Learning (PBL),

•    Community Orientation, including early community and patient encounter, and health service provision e.g. Family Attachment Program (FAP),

•    Integration: horizontal (between the various disciplines) and vertical (clinical and basic), and

•    Clinical skills training at the different phases (Phase II at the Skills Laboratory and Phase III at various Health System Delivery levels).