The School of Psychology & Pre-School Education


The School of Psychology & Pre-School Education (SoP) is the second oldest school at Ahfad University for Women. Since its establishment in 1967 it has graduate 34 batches of more than 3400 graduates. In the year 1993 the school introduced two options: Counseling and Health Psychology (CHP); Early Childhood Education (ECE). The School awards its graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, BA with Honours. This has made the SoP the first such specialized higher education department in the realm of psychology in the country. It has hence become pioneering in both the theoretical and practical study of psychology. The School runs three on-campus Master programs: Counselling and Health Psychology (CHP), Trauma and Community Counselling (TCC), and Masters of Arts in International and Multicultural Education and Development (MAIMED).

SoP has two affiliated training centers: the Early Childhood Development Center and the Ahfad Trauma Center. The School also has several linkages with various national and international institutions and organizations that enhance its ability in delivering research activities, developmental projects, capacity building capacity and sustainable programing to both teaching staff and affiliated centers.


To be among the leading international schools to advance the professional practice of counselling and health psychology and early childhood education by focusing on disseminating the knowledge we create, promoting our discipline and training our students as partners in advancing strong critical thinkers and communicators to cultivate skills necessary enhancing diversity, multicultural perspectives for the betterment of society.


We are dedicated to excellence by:

• Enhancing the discipline of psychology through the synergistic relationship between teaching, research, and service
• Accomplishing best practices in research training
•Teaching in line with the ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct revised in 2010 by the APA
• Fostering engagement in applied learning/service opportunities that connect students with the larger community beyond the classroom

 Core values

The School of Psychological adopts a set of core values that embody a conducive learning environment, extracurricular program of activities, community engagement, and social responsibility in light of mental health promotion.

  • Advocacy: engages in activities directly affecting local and global communities;
  • Excellence: utilizing up-to-date references, learning strategies, and teaching modalities quality of learning and education;
  • Diversity: committing to cultural multiplicity in culturally-relevant mental health interventions;
  • Collaborative Relationships: partnering with educational institutions, national and regional organizations, international agencies to develop and achieve shared goals;
  • Student-Centered: preparing a learning environment that engages in freedom of inquiry and expression;
  • Integrity: working with visionary leadership, creativity, optimism, and energy in setting and accomplishing academic goals.