The School of Psychology & Pre-School Education


The School of Psychology & Pre-School Education (SoP) is the second oldest school at Ahfad University for Women. Since its establishment in 1967 it has graduate 34 batches of more than 3400 graduates. In the year 1993 the school introduced two options: Counseling and Health Psychology (CHP); Early Childhood Education (ECE). The School awards its graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, BA with Honours. This has made the SoP the first such specialized higher education department in the realm of psychology in the country. It has hence become pioneering in both the theoretical and practical study of psychology. The School runs three on-campus Master programs: Counselling and Health Psychology (CHP), Trauma and Community Counselling (TCC), and Masters of Arts in International and Multicultural Education and Development (MAIMED).

SoP has two affiliated training centers: the Early Childhood Development Center and the Ahfad Trauma Center. The School also has several linkages with various national and international institutions and organizations that enhance its ability in delivering research activities, developmental projects, capacity building capacity and sustainable programing to both teaching staff and affiliated centers.


To be among the leading international schools to advance the professional practice of counselling and health psychology and early childhood education by focusing on disseminating the knowledge we create, promoting our discipline and training our students as partners in advancing strong critical thinkers and communicators to cultivate skills necessary enhancing diversity, multicultural perspectives for the betterment of society.


To enhance the discipline of psychology through the synergistic relationship between teaching, research, and service. We are dedicated to excellence by accomplishing best practices in research, training, and teaching to foster applied learning/service opportunities that connect students with the larger community beyond the classrooms in schools, clinics and kindergartens.

 Core values

  - Quality of learning and education

  - Academic Integrity

  - Inclusion and Diversity

  - Freedom of Inquiry and Expression

  -Increase Innovation

  - Collaboration


1.     Strengthen faculty training and curriculum monitoring and evaluation processes;

2.     Expand exchange programs;

3.     Enhance faculty and students experience and civic engagement by encouraging practicum courses and outreach projects;

4.     Raise SoP recognition and faculty professionalism by encouraging research and publications and finding funding resources;

5.     Create a conducive learning and working environment;

6.     Improve students’ performance and motivation by encouraging freedom of expression and participation in extra- curriculum activities.

 Academic Programme

The School operates on a semester system with a total of 10 semesters. The first 5 semester’s students cover a variety of university requirement and School core courses. By semester 6 students choose between the two options: ECE or CHP. Upon successful completion of the 10 semesters the student is awarded a Bachelor's of Arts Degree with Honors.


A.The Early Childhood Education

The ECE option provides foundation and framework of early childhood programs, historical roots, program models, curriculum development, assessments, and key issues relating to early childhood education, teacher’s roles and parent involvement. This option is considered as a pioneer specialization in Sudanese universities.

B.The Counselling and Health Psychology

The CHP option encompasses a wide range of solid theoretical knowledge on issues relating to psychological problems and mental disorders, as well as practical attainment of specific counselling and therapeutic skills and techniques. A review of Sudanese higher educational institutes which offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology indicate that currently the option of Counselling and Health Psychology (CHP) is not offered at any other Sudanese university, hence making it a forerunner in Sudanese universities.

School Bylaws

The following “School Bylaws: Options Section” is the governing document for the School of Psychology and Pre-school of Education. The Bylaws shall comply with the AUW Policies and Procedures and will be amended as necessary. Where there is a discrepancy between this document and University policy, AUW policy shall prevail.

 Rules for progression

The total credit hours to graduate from the School of Psychology and Pre-School Education are 143 credit hours. The School curriculum is designed spirally, in that students must clear herself from all core courses in order to proceed to the option. Students on the Dean's List (scoring a total of accumulative average 80% and above) could take up to 21 credits per semester and 15 credits in summer courses, however this student cannot progress without passing the above selected courses.