Message from the Dean

The School of Psychology and Preschool Education (SoP)

The School of Psychology and Preschool Education (SoP) welcomes you to its webpage…. Our niche, our history, our individuality, and our excellence lie in our professional diversity practice and multicultural training in counselling and health psychology, early childhood education, and special education needs.

By focusing on disseminating the knowledge we create through research, promoting psychological discipline and ethics, and preparing our students as partners in advancing the necessary skills for critical thinking SoP cultivates you to change, enhance and develop perspectives and attitudes for the betterment of society. 

Our 3 undergraduate programs ECE, CHP, and SED adopt a set of core values that embody a conducive learning environment, extracurricular program of activities, community engagement, and social responsibility in light of mental health promotion.

Our research strategy is a based on a five-year cycle with general aims, research objectives and action outcomes. SoP researches are team-based headed a professors and lead by our PhD candidates’ paired with one Master-level student and at least four undergraduate students. This strategy enables several research titles to develop for eventual publication and follows the mandate of community engagement and social responsibility.

SoP has 3 main tributaries Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) Ahfad Trauma Center (ATC), and Trauma Outreach Community Healing (TORCH) that highlights the TRUST HUB (trauma recovery & upscaling services and treatment). Each center has an aim, strategy and functions with an overall objective to serve the community in outreach and civic engagement programmes that support and heal individuals, families, and communities, within the mental health and psychosocial support realm.